Outside the turnovers Bills defense was terrible


The Buffalo Bills pulled off a huge come from behind win partly due to the defense holding the Cincinnati Bengals to zero points in the second half.

Outside of the turnovers the Bills defense was just terrible.

Bengals running back Cedric Benson amassed 124 yards on 25 carries for a fiver yards a carry average with one touchdown. Lets face it that total would have been a lot more if it wasn’t for the Bengals falling behind.

As for the passing game Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer was 19 of 34 230 yards passing with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Also, Palmer lead the Bengals to two long drives in the second half of one of which was 14 plays and 6:37 long and a 15 play 5:55 drive. Neither of which scored points as on the first one Palmer threw an interception in the endzone and the other was a missed field goal.

Lets face it if this was a good team like the Pittsburgh Steelers the Bills would have lost a close game.

In the end, the only way the Bills will win another football game is when the defense creates turnovers.

Bills fans get their wish


Buffalo Bills fans have been clamoring for a second stud wide receiver to go along with wide receiver Lee Evans.

Bills have gotten their wish in third year wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

Johnson is the talk of the NFL after catching eight passes for 137 yards and three touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals, along with writing why so serious on a shirt underneath his jersey. This is the third time this year Johnson has caught eight or more passes and over 125 yards receiving in a game.

Even if teams double team Johnson and Evans they still have to contend with rookie wide receivers David Nelson and Donald Jones who have both proven to be solid third wide receivers.  Nelson has been huge for the Bills on third downs as pretty much every game this year has caught one pass a game for a huge first down on third down, and that is not even including a always dangerous Roscoe Parrish.

In the end, the Bills arguably may have the best stable of wide receivers in the entire NFL.

Up goes Frazier


The inevitable has happened as after a embarassing 31-3 loss to he Green Bay Packers the Minnesota Vikings have fired Brad Childress.

So, up goes Frazier.

The Vikings have announced that defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will be the interim head coach for the rest of the season.  Frazier finally gets his chance at being a head coach after numerous interviews for open head coaching positions.

The question is now will Brett Farve stick around as he already has said he is definitely retiring at the end of this year.  Farve has been riddled with injuries this year as his body is clearly giving out on him. If is serious about retirement after this year then he should just call it a career now as the Vikings are not going to make the playoffs this year.

Another question is how will the Vikings react to the coaching change?

Usually, players will be fired up to win for a head coach, especially the very first week.  However, that won’t be easy as the Vikings take on the Washington Redskins this Sunday. Actually, Frazier may have to wait for a while for his first win as a head coach as after the Redskings they take on the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions to end the season.

The problem is the defense is nearly not as good as last year they were ranked sixth in the NFL in defense.  This year they are ranked 10 in defense, which in turn limits the number of chances the offense can get. So, it is not a surprise that the offense is struggling as well.

In the end, the Vikings have a lot of work to do to get back to the level they were playing last year.

As much as things change somethings stay the same


As time passes things always change and that is no different in the National Football League.

However, as much as things change some things still remain the same.

Passing in the NFL has become easier and more prevalent due to rule changes and the wide spread use of the spread offense.  That in turn has allowed quarterbacks to put up some big numbers. The fact of the matter is though having a top notch quarterback won’t translate to wins in the NFL.

Of the top 10 quarterbacks in passing yards five if them are on teams with .500 or worst records. Them being San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers, Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, and Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

Of those teams the only difference is that the Chargers’ special teams are a disaster.  The four remaining teams have defenses that are ranked 18 or worst in the NFL.

In the past there was a saying that was used commonly.  That is in order to win the Superbowl you have to be good in all three areas offense, defense and special teams.

In the end, as the saying goes offense wins games, defense wins championships.

The Bills need to bench Williams already


The Buffalo Bills pulled off a come from behind win on Sunday, but there is one thing that the Bill need to do if they are ever going to have a shot at the playoffs.

That is bench nose tackle Kyle Williams.

I have been calling for Williams to be replaced for sometime now to have it only fall on deaf ears. Hopefully that will change after this past Sunday’s game.

On one play near the end of the first quarter, Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson ran the football for 16 yards as he had a huge hole.  When they showed the replay the reason for the hole was that Williams got annihilated by a double team.

That right there has what I been talking about as Williams cannot handle double teams.

Many experts say that Williams is too light at 306 pounds, but that is just a load of crap. Former Buffalo Bills nose tackle Fred Smerlas played at 270 pounds and former nose tackle Jeff Wright played at 274 pounds. So, Williams is heavy enough for the position its just that his technique is not good enough.

What Williams does is that he stands straight up against double teams and tries to fight them off in hand to hand combat.  When a nose or defensive tackle gets double teamed what they should do is dig down get low and into their chest that way they have no leverage to drive you backwards.

The thing that is keeping the Bills from being a winning football team this year is Williams. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing fantastic football as the offense under his leadership is scoring almost 25 points per a game.

In the end, with the run defense still being the worst in the NFL it is time to change some personnel.