Forget about drafting a quarterback


Many Buffalo Bills fans want the team to draft a quarterback in the first round of April’s National Football League Draft.

However, with the  way that Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing they can forget about it.

Fitzpatrick in 16 starts with the Buffalo Bills has 26 touchdowns 17 interceptions and 3,260 yards passing, which is the most by any Buffalo Bills quarterback since Jim Kelly in 1991.

Everyone holds up Fitzpatrick the likes of England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and say he is not as good as them.  However that is not the case at all and the numbers don’t lie.

Peyton Manning 10 starts 3,059 yards passing 20 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Tom Brady 10 starts 2,362 yards passing 19 touchdowns and four interceptions.

Ryan Fitzpatrick eight starts 1,961 yards passing 18 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.

Projected 10 games started: 2,451 yards passing 23 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

The thing is I wouldn’t doubt that if Fitzpatrick started right from the beginning his yards and touchdown numbers would be high as the week two game against Green Bay would have been a shoot out resulting in him throwing for more than his 245 yards and 2.25 touchdowns per a game average.

Bob Gaughn in his weekly Friday hour show with Brad Riter on WECK 1230 brings up all the time why do the Bills have to take a quarterback in the first round with all their needs. They aren’t going to with the way Fitzpatrick is playing.

Oh what is that you say? Fitzpatrick can become inaccurate and throw interceptions?

Fitzpatrick in 16 starts and two more appearances has yet to have a three interception game as a Buffalo Bill.  Kelly in each of his first two years as a Bill had a three interception game. As for the number of interceptions, Fitzpatrick in 31 starts has 33 interception, Kelly in 28 starts threw 28 interceptions, Manning threw 43 interceptions in 32 starts and Brady in 30 starts threw 26 interceptions.

Also, in 30 games Fitzpatrick has a completion percentage of 58.1 percent.  Kelly in 28 starts was 59.55, Manning was 59.4 percent and Brady was 63 percent. I left off the Cincinnati Bengals game as I am not trying to figure that one out as it wouldn’t have that much an impact.

In the end, Fitzpatrick isn’t the reason that this team is not in playoff contention as that falls onto the run defense.