Which unit will be the deciding factor?


The Buffalo Bills finally got their first win of the season last Sunday against the Detroit Lions and travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals this Sunday looking for their second.

With both teams being so evenly matched it will come down to the unit that makes the most plays.

Both defenses are ranked in the top 15 when it comes to pass defense as the Bills have the edge there as theirs is ranked seventh while the Bengals pass defense is ranked 13. However, the Bengals have the better run defense as theirs is ranked 22 while the Bills are dead last in the league at 32.

On offense the Bengals have the edge in passing as they are ranked eighth while the Bills are 28 in the NFL. In rushing the Bills have the edge as they are ranked 15 while the Bengals are ranked 26.

In the end, this game will come down to whoever can establish their running game.

If they weren’t they are now


According to Peter King of SI, via Pro Football Talk and Stampede Blue.com, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is paranoid of listening devices with in the visiting locker rooms at Foxborough Stadium. So, Manning use to have strategy sessions in the hallways with former offensive coordinator Tom Moore.

Well if there wasn’t any before there are now.

Many people may think that Manning is paranoid, but this is the New England Patriots that we are talking about. The same team that was caught video taping hand signals of opponents, along with many instances of radio failure.

You have to wonder if there are any other quarterbacks that do the same thing as Manning, which I wouldn’t doubt that there are.

Another question that came up while writing was whether if the hallway meetings are only at Foxborough or is it something that he does on the road as a extra precaution.

If it is exclusively Foxborough you have to wonder how that came about. Did they find something in the locker room one time or was it due to some myth that came about right after Spygate?

In the end, anywhich way this story isn’t going away anytime soon.