It’s alright to have your name on a Jersey


WGR 550 this morning was talking about the worst jerseys to have and one suggestion by a caller was a person having their own name on the jersey.

The thing is that it is alright nowadays to have your own name on a jersey.

National Football League jerseys are expensive as they run well over $100 for just one.  Considering the amount of change that goes on within the NFL it actually makes more sense to have your name on one.

The National Football League Players Association themselves have state that the average career length for NFL players is 3.5 years.  Now, couple that with free agency you have very select group that stays with the same team for a decade.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s players usually stayed with the same team for their entire career.  Now, it is rare to see a player retire with the same team he came into the NFL with.

I myself have my own name on a Bills jersey.  My wife got it for me for Sweetest Day and in the weeks prior to that she had asked me what name and number that I want on it.  That turned out to be a tough decision.

I sat down and thought to myself okay who is going to be on the Bills four years from now?

Obviously, one of the first players to come to mind was free safety Jarius Byrd, but he has been injured a lot and until he can play a full season without injury his future on the team is on the air.  Then I though about wide receiver Lee Evans, but there was already talk about trading him since the team is bad.  So, most likely in a couple years he will be gone.

I essentially came to the conclusion that there was no single player worthy of this.  I am not going to have another person in my family spend $100 on a jersey when we are struggling to make ends meet like many other families.

In the end, it is simply my way of showing support for the Bills while at the same time sending a message that they are a terrible football team with a lot of terrible players.