Bills better pray Troup pans out


The Buffalo Bills in last April’s National Football League Draft passed on defensive lineman Terrence Cody due to his weight.

With Cody performance in 20 snaps this past Sunday the Bills front office better pray nose tackle Torell Troup works out.

When the Daft approached I had hoped the Bills would take Cody. The reason being he remind me of former Bills nose tackle Ted Washington.

Washington was a mammoth of a man as he was well over 6’0″ and close to 400 pounds, but offensive lines could never push him around. The reason being it is much easier to build muscle with all that weight on as the body has material to work with in the fat.

The fact of the matter is a nose tackle can be a guy with his gut hanging out, helmet barely fitting and could have snot coming out of his nose, but still be very effective. The reason being that a nose tackle doesn’t have to really do anything in a 3-4 defense. All the have to do is occupy two offensive lineman and never move.

That is the problem for the Bills at nose tackle as current starter Kyle Williams gets thrown around by double teams.

In the end, it looks like the Bills scouting department has once again failed the team and one has to wonder if the department will ever get cleaned out.

Smith was actions were right


According to Pro Football, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith was given an unnecessary roughness penalty near the end of Sunday’s game for going after Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib for what Smith thought was a cheap shot on a quarterback sneak late in the fourth quarter.

After seeing the play, Smith’s actions were right.

If you watch the play Talib is clearly the last man in and Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen was already stopped.  There was no reason for Talib to jump in the pile and should have pulled up just as he got there.

However, this is Talib we are talking about as the guy clearly has judgment problems. If you may recall Talib got into a fight with a teammate at the rookie symposium back in July of 2008. So, it is not surprising that Talib would do such a thing.

Talib can expect a fine as it looks like the hit was to Clausen’s head and the NFL is not going to tolerate hits to the head of a defenseless person.  Also, Clausen suffered a concussion on the play and his status is up in the air for this Sunday.

In the end, if the NFL really wants to minimize hits like this then they need to enact suspensions as clearly heavy fines aren’t working.

What happened in the bye week?


The Buffalo Bills before their bye week were losing by eight point or more, but since then have been a completely different team.

The question is what happened in that bye week that has transformed this team?

The Bills before Sunday’s game, and since the bye week, have lost all three games bye three points, along with the Bills winning this past Sunday. The answer is simpler than most people may think.

Running back Fred Jackson has carried the football 20 or more times in three of the four games.  The exception is the game against the Chicago Bears as he only had eight carries. Before the bye week the most carries a single running back had was 17 by Marshawn Lynch in week two against the Green Bay Packers.

It is no coincidence that since Jackson has been carrying the football more that the defense has given up less points.  What is happening is that since the Bills are controlling the football longer the defense is more rested.  That means they are able to make more plays instead of giving up plays.

According to former New York Giants quarterback and current CBS analyst Phil Simms Book “Sunday Morning Quarterback”, a offense wants to pass more in the first half.  That way the quarterback will be in rhythm and on target in the second half when the offense starts running the football more.  If a team runs the football more than passing in the first half it will be tough for the quarterback to get in rhythm and by the time he does it will be too late.

That has been the case since the bye until last Sunday where the Bills ran more i the first half than they passed.  So, its not surprising that in the second half that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick missed a wide open receiver in Lee Evans.

In the end, as long as the Bills keep getting Jackson over 20 carries a game, along with passing more in the first half, the Bills will keep things close if they don’t win.