Cowboys respond


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips with the hopes that the move would jolt his team to life.

That is exactly what happened as the Cowboys upset the New York Giants Sunday.

The Giants may have dominated the time of possession by holding onto the football for over 37 minutes, but what it comes down to is players making plays.  The Cowboys did just that Sunday with some key turnovers, which included a 101 yard interception returned for a touchdown and a 71 yard pass for a touchdown.

The other thing of note for the Cowboys is that they got the running game going today as Cowboys running back Felix Jones and Marion Barber combined for 98 yards rushing on 22 carries.  The pair have only combined for 513 yards in eight games, which is well under last year’s pace as they combined for 1,617 yards rushing in 2009.

If the Cowboys are going to have any chance at getting into the playoffs the running game has to be performing like this as they have a tough schedule that includes the Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles twice, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions.

Also, quarterback Jon Kitna needs to play well as he has a history of getting into trouble with interceptions, along with the defense stopping opposing offenses’ running game.

In the end, if the Cowboys can do these things then they might still have a chance at the playoffs.

Bills run defense finally shows up


The Buffalo Bills run defense has been nonexistent as the Bills were the worst in the National Football League entering Sunday”s game against the Detroit Lions.

Finally, after eight games, and a bye week, the Bills run defense finally showed up.

The Bills defense held the Lions to 76 yards rushing on 26 carries. That is an average of just 2.92 yards per a carry. That is a miracle considering that opposing offenses averaged well over four yards a carry against the Bills defense going into Sunday.

So, what is the cause for this?

Apparently, the credit goes to nose tackle Kyle Williams. From what it sounded like on the radio he was causing problems for the Lions interior offensive line.

It is only one game, but you have to start somewhere, and Sunday’s game was very much that. If Williams is going to keep his starting job he needs to put up more days like this in the remaining seven games.

Many people may have forgotten is that the Bills drafted nose tackle Torell Troup in the second round of this past April’s National Football League Draft. So, you can expect the Bills to give Troup some time starting near the end of the year to get him some experience and ready for 2011.

In the end, with the weather turning cold it is a chance for this defense to shine, but if for some reason they can’t then it will be time for heads to role.