Broncos should be applauded


Many National Football League teams time and time again are put in tough spot for their player’s actions off the field.

On Friday it turned out to be the Denver Broncos turn and the punishment they issued was just right for the situation.

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams was arrested Friday morning for suspicion of drinking and driving, according to the Denver Post. Initially, Denver Police pulled over Williams, who was driving a Hummer, for not having his headlights on.

That is usually how they get caught as it is something else they get pulled over for like speeding or reckless driving. Obviously, soon as those light go on their done as the police are well trained in the warning signs of a drunk driver.

For this, Williams was stripped of his captaincy, fined nearly $15 thousand and was told he will not start this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Considering the fact that things could have been a lot worst for Williams and a innocent person he should consider himself to be very lucky.

With a game on Sunday the Broncos had to take action today. That way the punishment will take effect this Sunday and will allow the story to go away quicker. If the Chief waited until Monday then the story would have lingered, and been a distraction all week long.

In the end, even though Williams was punished by the team he can expect more from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as he was arrested previously in 2005 for the exact same thing.

The wrong team is favored


Many National Football League odds makers have the Buffalo Bills as the favorite by three points over the Detroit Lions.

Simply, the wrong team is favored in this game.

The Bills are favored as the Lions defense is not as good against the pass as the Bills defense is.  However, that is not what the difference maker will be.

The Bills defense against the run is just down right terrible as it is the worst I have ever seen in my entire life. In recent years the run defense has been bad, but it only gave up 150 yards a game.  This year it is just completely different as they are giving up almost 180 yards a game and before last Sunday they were averaging almost 190 yards a game.

The Lions have a solid running back in rookie Jahvid Best as in eight starts this year he has rushed for 345 yards and four touchdowns on 107 carries.  That is not bad considering the highest number of carries he had in a single game was 17.

The reason that is good, even though it is 3.2 yards a carry, is due to the Lions defense not being so good they haven’t led many football games.  When a team is behind constantly they have to pass the football a lot, which is why the Lions passing game is ranked so high, besides the obvious talent that they have at the skilled positions.

In the end, the winner will be the team whose defense performs better.

Congrats Nick


WECK’s Nick Mendola and his wife Lacey welcomed into the world Asher Mendola on Wednesday.

Being a father as tough as it may be is a wonderful thing.

Now, it i pretty easy they eat, sleep, go potty, and occasionally cry.  However, the real job is when they get older.

They are all and cute and cuddly now, but once they start walking and talking they can become little monsters at times. Especially, when they decide to go on the computer after you take a potty break or go grab something in the fridge to walk back to see your work gone.

Also, it gets much harder to stop the crying as it shifts from wanting to be fed to I want the latest action figure or doll. The only thing that you can do then is just walk out of the store and let them keep crying.

In the end, what makes it worth while are those little moments of joy when they accomplish something.