Its time for a family feud


The Ryans have always been entertaining, especially New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

However, his decision to dress up as his twin brother Rob has started a family feud that will be the main attraction this Sunday.

It started this past Wednesday when Rex decided to show up for his weekly press conference dressed up as his brother.  Along the way Rex took a couple shots at his brother Rob, and his weight.

“He should have had the lap band surgery when I did,” Rex said. “That’s clearly a mistake by him. He’s now the big twin.”

Obviously, Rob is not going to take that, because after all he is a Ryan.  Rob did that Friday by guaranteeing victory over his brother according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, via Pro Football Talk.

“I think we are going to get it,” Rob said.  “This win will go a long way for that, we need that…When we beat this team here, we will be 4-5.”

In the end, you can expect one heck of a football game as each team will be fired up to win it for their own coach Ryan.

Tauscher time could be up


The Green Bay Packers resigned tackle Mark Tauscher to help sure up their offensive line.

After the season is over Tauscher may no longer be a Green Bay Packer.

The Green Bay Packers announced, via Pro Football Talk,  today that Tauscher has been placed on the season ending injured reserve list.  Tauscher hasn’t played since week four after he went down with a shoulder injury in week four against the Detroit Lions.

Since then rookie offensive tackle Brian Bulaga has filled in for Tauscher and has done a nice job of it.

The Packers have allowed quarterback Aaron Rodgers to get sacked 17 times.  That is not bad considering that starting running back Ryan Grant went down with a season ending injury in week one.  Also the Packers are 20 in the NFL in rushing and ninth in the league in passing.

The offense also lost tight end Jermichael Finley for the season after suffering a knee injury. Lets not forget all the injuries to the defense.

In the end, everyone talks about how the New England Patriots draft, but the team that should be talked about is the Packers as the Packers have had only two losing seasons since 1992, which were 2005 (4-12) and 2008 (6-10).