Even with Parcells Dolphins can’t get it right


The Miami Dolphins have been searching for a quarterback since Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season.

Even after they hired Bill Parcells to head the football department they still cannot get it right.

The Dolphins announced Wednesday that they were benching quarterback Chad Henne.  Henne now becomes part of oh so growing group of quarterbacks.

Since Marino retired the Dolphins have been burning through second round draft picks like no tomorrow. They have used five of them on quarterbacks either by drafting them or using the pick in exchange for a quarterback.  Those five would be A.J. Feeley, Duante Culpepper, John Beck, Pat White and Henne.

It is not a surprise that they have burned through so many picks.  It is hard to draft a franchise quarterback after the first round as by the time the second round comes around. Even in the first round the chances of landing a franchise quarterback is 50/50.

For now quarterback Chad Pennington will be the starter as, according to Pro Football Talk, that will only be temporary, so the team can prepare quarterback Tyler Thigpen to start.

The thing is to me the move doesn’t make sense at all.  If you looks at his stats they are actually improving as Henne was on pace to throw for 3,800 yards passing 16 touchdowns and has a 6.9 yards per a pass average.  The only negative is that Henne was on pace to throw 20 interceptions.

The fact of the matter is that the Dolphins are an average football team.  Years before the defense was good, but it was always the offense that held the team back.

That isn’t the case this year as both sides as the defense is ranked 13 overall and the offense is ranked 17.  What has happened is that the Jets have become a very good football team, especially on defense.

In the end, the Dolphins are making a mistake as the move will most likely now divide the locker room.