McGee’s time in Buffalo is running short


Buffalo Bills quarterback Terrence McGee has been a solid cornerback for the Buffalo Bills as he has always took on the opposing offense’s best wide receiver.

Despite that McGee’s time in Buffalo is running short.

McGee is in his eighth season with the Buffalo Bills, but of all those years he has never played a full entire 16 game season.  The most games he started in a single season was in 2007 when McGee started 15 of 16 games.  After that McGee has two seasons with 14 games started and two seasons with 13 games started in each year.

McGee just turned 30 years old last month and that is not a good sign.  Players on the wrong side of 30 start declining at some point due to a drop off in testosterone levels.  Also, McGee only had one interception last year.

If McGee does stay on the team after this year it will be due to the structure of his contract.  McGee is signed through 2013 and in 2011 he makes a base salary of $3.2 million, 2012 he makes $3.6 million and 2013 he makes $4.6 million.  The price for 2011 and 2012 for McGee’s services are  not bad as they are very reasonable.  Where things start getting dicey is in 2013 where his contract jumps up a million.

By then McGee will be 32 years old and quite possibly could have missed a lot of  games to injuries by then.

In the end, McGee wants to remain in the NFL as long as he wants he better start taking care of his body.

Stafford’s career is on the ropes


Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford last year was thought to be  a gutsy franchise quarterback after throwing a game winning touchdown, with a injured throwing shoulder, in a win over the Cleveland Browns.

After two more injuries this year to his throwing shoulder Stafford’s career is on the ropes.

Injuries are apart of t the game of football, especially in the National Football League where the best of the best play. However, when a person consistently suffers injuries they then become a liability no matter how good they are, and that is the case with Stafford.

According to reports out of Detroit, via Pro Football Talk, Stafford’s season is most likely over as he looks to have suffered a grade three shoulder separation.  That means the shoulder completely popped out of the joint and did a lot of damage when going back in.

There are only so many surgeries a shoulder can take before they start taking their toll. The example would be Miami Dolphin’s quarterback Chad Pennington who has had numerous surgeries on his throwing shoulder and clearly doesn’t have the arm as he did coming out of college.

That will be the case with Stafford if he injuries his shoulder one more time even though he showed flashes of being a franchise quarterback this year as through three games he had six touchdowns one interception and 535 yards passing.

In the end, 2011 is do or die for Stafford’s career.