Parrish’s absence will be felt


Buffalo Bills fans on Monday were given got a dose of bad news as they learned that wide receiver Roscoe Parrish will miss the rest of the year with a broken wrist.

Parrish’s absence will be felt by the Bills.

Parrish this year has emerged as an offensive weapon as he caught 33 passes for 400 yards and two touchdowns in eight games before his season was ended by his injury.  In addition to the offense Parrish returned to his punt return duties and reprised his role as one of the best punt returners in the NFL.

However, this is an opportunity to see what wide receiver David Nelson can do in an increased role on offense.  Nelson already has been a pleasant surprise as he has caught 17 passes for 189 yards. Many of those catches were caught for a first down on third down.

If Nelson were to flourish with an increased role that could make wide receiver Lee Evans expendable as the Bills look to have a possible new number one wide receiver in Stevie Johnson as he leads the team in reception, receiving yards and touchdowns.

In the end, things are starting to get very interesting at One Bills Drive.

The Grim Reaper can’t come any faster


The Buffalo Bills over the past decade have turned into the family member that is old, sick and unable do much of anything anymore as owner Ralph Wilson Jr. is 92 and the Bills appear to be unable to do anything right this year.

With Wilson refusing to sell the football team, the Grim Reaper can’t come any faster for Bills fans.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas families get together to celebrate the holidays and when that happens there is always that one really old relative that comes over. You know the one that keeps rambling on about how they had to walk through three feet of snow uphill to school everyday.  Or, they ramble on about what you should be doing with your life, and how you should go about doing things.

That is exactly the situation with Wilson.

Wilson doesn’t travel to many road games anymore as his health is declining due to his age. Wilson is also very rarely seen at One Bills Drive as he now leaves the day to day operations in the hands of Chief Executive Officer Russ Brandon who most likely keeps Wilson informed of what is going on by phone.

Many people are sick and tired of Wilson as his decisions time and time again has left the team just an utter mess.  That has led this journalist to conclude that Wilson is incapable of making a sound decision.

Lets look at the drafting of running back CJ Spiller as an example. Drafting Spiller may have been general manager Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey’s decision, but people need to remember that all decisions go through Wilson. Take Gailey’s comments after the draft, via WGR 550.

“Tell me a team that doesn’t need a guy like C.J. Spiller in my opinion,” Gailey said. ” He’s got so many ways that he can create points and our field position with big plays. Everybody’s looking for that.  Everybody’s hunting a guy like that, everybody’s hunting a guy that instead of it being a 20-yard run, it’s a 40-yard run, instead of a 40-yard run, it’s a 60-yard touchdown.”

A younger owner that is able to keep up with the nuisances of the NFL would have said no to Nix and Gailey, but since Wilson is so old he defers to them and Vice President of College Scouting Tom Modrak for input on what direction the team should go.   Also, a younger owner wouldn’t allow so many voices in meetings as the Bills do.

According to the Bills own website, they have 14 employees with college scouting titles, and that doesn’t include Nix or assistant general manager Doug Whaley.  The New England Patriots, according to their online media guide, on the other hand have on 11 employees with college scouting titles. Also, the Indianapolis Colts only have 10 employees with college scouting titles and the Pittsburgh Steelers have 11.

The fact of the matter there are just too many voices within One Bills Drive, couple with Wilson’s age, you have the current state that the Bills are in.

In the end, as bad as this is to say Wilson’s death cannot come any sooner, so we can all be put out of our misery already.