Fitzpatrick just doesn’t have it


Many Buffalo Bills fans have been hoping that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick would turn out to be the quarterback of the future after his play earlier this season.

However, after the Bills game you can tell that he just clearly doesn’t have what it takes to be a franchise quarterback in the National Football League.

Fitzpatrick is a really smart good guy, but in the NFL what matters most is how someone performs on the football field.  Fiitzpatrick has two major flaw and that is he cannot be accurate for four quarters of football and that his deep passes are absolutely terrible. Several times over the last two weeks Fitzpatrick had wide open wide receivers streaking down the field, but for whatever reason he would completely miss them.

Great quarterbacks don’t let as many opportunities as Fitzpatrick has had to to score touchdowns  slip right by.

In the end, unless Fitzpatrick can fix his accuracy the Bills will be taking a quarterback first overall in April.

Toronto is a joke


The Buffalo Bills on Sunday ventured up to Canada for their yearly regular season home game in Toronto, Ontario as part of the team’s regionizing project, which has now completed three years of a five year deal.

Already, you can call the whole deal one big joke.

A home team is suppose to have the crowd to their advantage, especially on defense where fans scream as loud as they can in hopes of creating a false start penalty. In Toronto even though on box scores it may say the Bills are the home team, but the reality is that is far from the case.

You could clearly hear on the television and radio broadcasts that the majority of the crowd was Chicago Bears fans.  The fact of the matter is Toronto is not just fans of the Bills, but a mix of every single team within the National Football League as there has never been a football team there before to unite the majority of the city. Even if the NFL was to award Toronto with an expansion franchise it would be decades before the majority of the city would root for that team.

The only way the Bills would start winning over citizens of Toronto is if the Bills had a team like the New England Patriots or one of the Bills teams from their four straight Superbowls.

In the end, the only thing that Bills owner Ralph Wilson has accomplished is getting more money for a worthless product and embarrass the city of Buffalo.