Will Martz play into Bills hand?


The Buffalo Bills enter Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears with one of the worst run defenses in the history of the National Football League.

However, there is one huge variable and that is Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz who likes to pass a lot, so the question is will his tendency to pass play into the Bills hands?

The Bills may be ranked dead last in run defense at 32 of 32 teams, which one may conclude that is also the case with the pass defense.  That could be far from the case as the Bills are sixth in the league in pass defense, and that is without a pass rush.

The Bears strength on offense is their passing game as it is ranked 19 in the National Football League while the running game is ranked 26 in the NFL.  Also, the Bears have run 215 passing plays while they have only ran 156 running plays.

If Martz is as good of an offensive coordinator as many may thing then he will put his passion to throw the football aside and realize that the only way they will win is by running the football to death, which will also help the passing game as they would then be able to run play-action passes that will freeze the linebackers for a second, and open passing windows.

In the end, both teams fate is in the hands of the man that is called “Mad Mike.”

Merriman is out to prove himself


The Buffalo Bills picked up outside linebacker Shawne Merriman after the San Diego Chargers released him earlier this past week.

After reading his comments from his first press conference with the Buffalo media you can tell Merriman is out to prove himself.

Many members of the media believe that Merriman is just a mere shell of himself since he has recorded only four sacks within the last three years. What people forget though is that Merriman suffered two torn ligaments in 2008, and that the ligaments were not the ones that fans usually hear.

Most of the time National Football League players tear their anterior cruciate ligament or their medial collateral ligament, but Merriman tore the posterior cruciate ligament and the lateral collateral ligament. So, its not surprising that 2009 statistics were not a good, because a lot of the times it take a player a full two years to get back to where he was before.

Recovering from a torn ligament is a long and tedious recovery as a person cannot use their leg for almost six weeks after surgery.  That means when someone starts the physical therapy process they are basically starting from scratch. So, to get it back to where a football player can squat at least 315 pounds again can take a full two years.

You can tell in Merriman’s comment that getting cut was a wake up call. He now knows that many people have ridden off his performance in his first three years as the benefits of taking steroid.

“I haven’t looked that far down the road. I literally came in here with the impression that I’m going to work as hard as I can,” asserted Merriman. “For one, gain the team’s trust and the guys around me, and not walk in as a guy with Pro Bowls and All-Pro’s, but earning these guys respect by working. That’s the way you do it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do that.”

Merriman understand that his contract is up after this year and with missing the first half of the regular season these last eight games with the Bills are vital if he wants to get a big payday this upcoming offseason.

In the end, its time for “Lights Out” to be putting some quarterbacks lights out.