The reason why things have changed


Several weeks ago after a rash of head injuries the National Football League to decided to step up enforcement of hits on defenseless wide receivers, which did not go over well with many defensive players.

However, there is another example why the NFL did what they did.

According to the Philadelphia Inquire, via National Football Post, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Ernie Simms found out recently that he will be fined $50 thousand for a hit he put on Tennessee Titans wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins.

“As soon as I turned my head around, I saw the guy, the receiver right there, so I just took the initiative to go ahead and take him out,” Sims said. “In their eyes I was hitting a defenseless receiver. In my eyes I felt like I was making a play.”

That is the very reason why the NFL stepped up enforcement is to change the culture of the game and make players thinkĀ  twice before hitting someone in the head.

In the end, Simms needs to shut up and live with it,