Chase has a point


On Tuesday Yahoo Sports writer Chris Chase addressed the problem with the rules with the quarterback slide, which was brought to the forefront by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning on Monday Night in a game against the Houston Texans.

Chase has a great point about it.

Many National Football League fans are under the impression that when a quarterback starts to slide the play is officially dead where the quarterback began his slide.  Well we were all wrong as the rule is that they play is not dead until the quarterback hits the ground.

“Manning began his slide well before getting the first down,” Chase wrote. “By rule, he’s still a live ball carrier because he hasn’t hit the ground yet. But if Bernard Pollard(notes) (the flash in white on the left) had been closer and hit Manning during the beginning of the slide, you can be assured he would have earned a 15-yard penalty for his actions. Hit a quarterback in the midst of the fall to the ground and it will draw a flag every time.”

He is right on it is not fair the rule should be the play is dead when the quarterback begins to slide.  What happened Monday night was a complete pile of garbage, but of course with Manning being the little whiner he is at times , along with being a superstar, referees are inclined to bend the rules for him.

The referees could have went against it stating that the rule was worded wrong and that the play is dead when the quarterback begins to slide.  However, that would take a lot of guts to go against the National Football League and being a referee is a very nice part time job that many people would love to have.

In the end, it shouldn’t take until the end of the year to fix this, but unfortunately that will be the case.

Merriman is what the Bills need


The Buffalo Bills announced today that they claimed outside linebacker Shawne Merriman as he was released Tuesday by the San Diego Chargers.

Considering the Bills current situation Merriman is exactly what the Bills needed.

The Bills defense has been suffering as the team has no pass rush and cannot stop the run. The outside linebacker with the highest amount of sacks is Chris Kelsay with .5 sacks.

Even if Merriman can record five sacks between now and the rest of the year it would be a win for the Bills, but any production from him would make it worth while.  The reason being that they had to give up nothing for him except the remaining balance on his current contract. If for some reason he does terrible the Bills don’t have to worry about it as his contract is up after this year.

Also, what it does is provide someone that fellow outside linebacker Aaron Maybin, who he is also friends with, can look to and get guidance on what he is doing wrong.  It was suggested on a talk radio show that Maybin might not listen to advice, but at this point Maybin is most likely more than willing to accept whatever advice he can get.

Now, lets say Maybin turn things around with the help of Merriman that would mean the Bills would have two pass rushing threats and can move fellow outside linebacker Chris Kelsay to the inside to play defensive end.  That would allow the Bills to have a solid three man rotation on the inside.

The only problem is their run defense as teams the majority of the time run up the middle.  The reason being nose tackle Kyle Williams cannot handle a double team.  If the Bills don’t solve that problem there will be very few times the opposition will pass.

In the end, it was the right thing to do, but now they have to bench Williams to make a real turn around.