Could the next team be Moss’s last?


The National Football League was surprised when it learned that the Minnesota Vikings would cut wide receiver Randy Moss.

With Moss still pulling the same thing as he did from the very moment he was drafted one has to wonder if his next team will be his last?

Moss is known for being emotionally needy, but after 13 years in the NFL you would think that Moss would grow up a little.  Not a chance after Moss’s latest incident.

Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports reported today that on Friday after practice Moss yelled at some employees of a catering company who was catering the customary post Friday practice meal for the players. That only alienated a lot of teammates of his at the time.

Then last Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots Moss didn’t run many of his routes full speed.  Then in a post game press conference Moss dissed Vikings head coach Brad Childress.

I could excuse dissing the head coach if Moss went to the offensive coordinator and then to Childress with information on the Patriots, which only fell on deaf ears.  Then Moss would have every reason to gripe about the head coaches in the media, especially when it is a loss.

However, the matter of the fact is that Moss is in need of some serious mental help as something happened to him as a child. If he continues to ignore his own behavior he will run out of teams that want him.

In the end, Moss better take a good look in the mirror and figure out what is wrong before it is too late.

Will Merriman become a Bill?


Shawne Merriman’s days as a San Diego Charger are over as Merriman passed his physical Tuesday after being placed on the Reserve-Injured list with the “minor injury” designation, which meant the Chargers would release him when healthy.

With the Bills being fist in line of the waiver wire, thanks to their record, one has to wonder if the Bills will claim the outside linebacker.

The Bills sack production from their defensive line is awful this years as the leader is nose tackle Kyle Williams. A nose tackle should never be the player with the most sacks. Usually, it is the opposite as they are most of the time double teamed.

Last year Merriman had his worst year as a pro as he recorded only four sacks in 14 games.  However, people need to remember that he tore two ligaments in the first game of the 2008 regular season, and it takes usually two full years to recover from such a injury.

In the end, picking up Merriman will be worth while considering that he more sacks last year than any single person has this year.