Bills to visit Armor Elementary


Armor Elementary held a rally and other various events to show their support for the Buffalo Bills in hopes to be the regional winner for the National Football

Armor Elementary staff show their support in hopes to win a grant

League Back to Friday Football Contest.

Well they pulled it off as Monday the school district sent home letters announcing that they are indeed the winners.

Now, how do I know this is true? That is because both of my children attend Armor Elementary so my wife and I received the liability release letters that includes the ability to photographed.

The school district on November 9 will be a awarded $10,000 Health and Wellness Grant and a visit from seven Bills players.  Hopefully, the Bills will follow through on the players and not send some an intern like a certain other AFC East team did earlier in the year.

According to YNN, some of the events included a two mile walk down Abbot Road to Ralph Wilson Stadium that included 50 people, a Bills memorabilia day and a back to school barbecue that was attended by the Buffalo Jills.

In the end, the real winners is everyone as teaching our kids healthy habits is truly what this is about.

Manning would be foolish to change teams


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is having another fine season as through six games he has thrown for 1,916 yards passing with 13 touchdowns and two interceptions, which puts him on pace for over 5,000 yards passing and 35 touchdowns.

With Manning’s contract expiring after this year he would be foolish to go to another team.

According to the Associated Press, via Pro Football Talk, Colts owner Jim Irsay wanted to present an offer during the bye week to Manning, but Manning’s agent made it clear last week that there will be no negotiating during the season.

Just because Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League right now doesn’t mean success would transfer to another team.  Manning turns 35 in March and is already in decline as he doesn’t have the same velocity on his 20 yard deep out routes like he use to. Also, Manning would have to learn an entire new system and you can ask Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb, who the Redskins traded for, on how that is working out.

The fact of the matter since the start of free agency in 1993 there have been only three quarterbacks that have won the Superbowl over the age of 31.  Them being San Francisco 49ers Steve Young in 1995, Denver Broncos John Elway in 1999 and 1998 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brad Johnson 2003

In the end, if Manning wants to win one more Superbowl he better stay with the Colts.

Thank god the Bills don’t have Childress


According to various reports, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress has decided to cut wide receiver Randy Moss after he made critical comments of him in a post game press conference this past Sunday.

Thank god the Bills don’t have this moron as a head coach.

The current report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, via Pro Football Talk, is that Childress has lost his players.

“He really has,” Mortensen said. “The players are not Childress guys right now. There’s a sense there, ‘does this head coach really know what he’s doing?’  That’s the truth.  You talk to people in that locker room, that’s what you you’re gonna get from them.”

At this point Childress might as well just right please fire me on his forehead, because that is what is going to happen.

A head coach just cannot snap and cut someone out of anger. A head coach is the leader of his football team and players look to them for guidance constantly.  So, when something like this happens having an emotional outburst is the last thing to do. What he should of had done is remained calm and have a sit down with Moss.

Not only may Childress have destroyed any possibility of getting another head coaching job down the road, but he could have also destroyed his chance at getting a offensive coordinator’s job.  Head coaches aren’t going to hire someone who is going to snap and do something stupid out of anger.

However, Moss hasn’t been officially cut yet.  That means the Vikings still have a chance to keep Moss, but for that to happen Childress would have to be fired and Vikings owner Ziggy Wilf would have to personally apologize to Moss.

In the end, one of them has to go.