Sources should remain anonymous


Usually, broadcast news outlets and newspapers organization want on the record sources before they go with a story.

However, in the National Football League sources should remain anonymous.

In a article early on Tuesday a anonymous National Football League general manager called Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan an “absolute scumbag.” Later in the day Finnegan’s agent took exception to it and later blasted the G.M. for remaining anonymous.

The this is people employed in the NFL usually have to remain anonymous due to the possible ramifications.  NFL owners and the league office itself is very tight lipped and has a certain way going about things. So, you can bet that if the G.M. went on the record the said teams owner would be making a phone call to him asking what the heck they are thinking, especially if it is a division rival.

This isn’t the typical manager job where there are numerous throughout the country.  There are only 32 NFL general manager positions and everything a G.M. says or does is scrutinized.

In the end, the only one Finnegan has to blame for the public’s perception of him is himself as after all he did say he wants to be known as the NFL’s dirtiest player one day.

Ralph is lucky


On Tuesday new broke that East Resources founder, president and CEO Terry Pegula signed a letter of intent to buy the Buffalo Sabres and during the discussion of Pegula a point was brought up about the legacy of current owner Tom Golisano.

Simply, current Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson is lucky he got elected into the Hall of Fame while he was alive.

On WGR 550, Howard Simon and Jeremy White was talking about the legacy of Tom Golisano and brought up a great point.  Golisano’s legacy would have been forever tarnished if the Sabres went up for sale to the highest bidder upon his death and then moved. The same can be said about Wilson’s legacy.

As much as Ralph has done for the National Football League and the city of Buffalo, if the team moves after he dies Wilson will be forever known as the talk big owner who always talked big, but when it came down to crunch time he and his team folded.

Now, what do you think would of  happen in the room of the 44 Hall of Fame selectors if Wilson’s name was brought up for selection into the HOF and the team had just moved.  The 44 selectors would of cut Wilson in the first round of cuts from 15 to 10.

In the end, owners should not be available for the HOF until five years after their tenure of ownerships just like players, because it isn’t fair to judge someone on a partial body of work.

Someone needs to talk to Johnson


Buffalo Bills fans all knew that wide receiver Stevie Johnson would be upset for a while after his drop in overtime of last Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, after Monday’s tweets so meone needs to take Johnson aside and have a long talk with him.

Johnson was criticized for a text after Sunday’s game that seemed to be telling off god.


He would then on Monday wrote again to clear up what he meant.

“I learned A lot Within 24hrs. Saw Both Sides.(Ups&Dwns) I AM HAPPY & THANKFUL 4 YESTERDAY! w/out Sunday iWldnt have grew closer w/The Lord,” Johnson wrote. “And No I Did Not Blame God People! Seriously??!? CMon! I Simply Cried Out And Asked Why? Jus Like yal did wen sumthin went wrong n ur life!”

You think that it would end there, but that is not the case as Johnson kept going on.

“So Before Yall..well I’m pretty sure you’ve already judged me. I hope you guys look n the mirror. I dnt blame u 4 being mad @ my gm I WAS 2,” Johnson wrote. “Spoke To Friends Fam Teammates and Most Importantly I Spoke With My Wife. I Honestly Believe Evrything Happens For A Reason! Everything!”

Clearly the game is still bugging him, along with the criticism from Bills fans. I don’t blame him as this is the first time he is dealing with this type of widespread criticism after barely getting on the field in his previous two years.”

In the end, hopefully Johnson will realize that he can easily redeem himself this Sunday with another outstanding performance.

NBC has some guts


NBC’s “Law and Order” television series has always used real stories for inspiration for episodes, but today I couldn’t believe my eyes as during a commercial in the show “The Event” there clear as day was an promo for an upcoming of “Law and Order Los Angeles” was an episode inspired by the Tiger Woods story.

You got to admit NBC has some guts for taking it on.

By now most people in the United States know that after a traffic accident just outside his home it was revealed the Woods had numerous amount of mistresses. That ultimately led to Woods getting a divorce from his wife and checking into clinic to get treated for a sex addiction.

This is not you average everyday person or news story.  This is a high publicized figure that has a ton of money and could easily file a lawsuit that would drag out in court as long as he wants to. That would essentially translate into a public relations nightmare.

If Woods doesn’t sue it would be due to him getting sympathy from people.  The incident happened over a year ago and I could frankly careless as there are a lot of guys out there that would probably do the same thing. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd said it best if Woods was single guys everywhere would be giving him a high five.

In the end, NBC will be pretty lucky if they come away from this unscathed.

I got to face the music


For a while now I have been hard on nose tackle Kyle Williams, but that changed Sunday.

For that I have to face the music.

Williams was an animal Sunday as he was constantly in the Pittsburgh Steelers backfield on the way to a 10 combined tackles two sack game.  Even backup Torell Troup was in the Steelers backfield, but that still wasn’t enough for the Bills as the defense was dominated in the first half.

So, that begs the question what was the problem in the first half?

According to WGR’s Paul Hamilton in an interview with the station’s morning show stated the Kyle Williams was adamant that they did nothing different from the first to second half, but tackle better.  If that is the case what the heck are they doing in practice?

I know football is a brutal sport and in the National Football League coaches need to be careful with veteran players.  However, at some point in time during the week prior to a game a teams has to practice hitting, or your players will not be good at it come gameday.

In the end, if the linebackers don’t start doing a better job of tackling then it will be time to get new linebackers.

What more do you need?


Many Bills fans are lamenting over a heart breaking overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The one question to me to come from this game is what more do you need to see from Bills quarterback to convice you he is a legitament franchise quarterback.

Fitzpatrick was 23 of 45 for 265 yards passing a touchdown and a interception. Also, Fitzpatrick threw two passes that should have been caught for the game winning touchdown, but wide receiver Stevie Johnson dropped both of them.

To Johnson’s defense the first one was a little high, but still was very catchable. When Johnson couldn’t haul it in the ball popped into the air and was intercepted. On the second Johnson beat his coverage on a deep route and had his hands on the football in the endzone, but dropped it.

Many will ask what happened in the first half, but it is hard for an offense to get anything going when your defense cannot get off the field.

In the end, with a better defense the Bills easily win this game.

Merriman’s best chance is with the Bills


The Buffalo Bills ended outside linebacker Shawne Merriman’s season before he even play a single game for the Buffalo Bills, and will be a free agent at the end of the year.

Merriman’s best chance of getting a long term contract is with the Bills.

The Bills were awarded Merriman earlier this month after being placed on waivers by the San Diego Chargers. There may have been other teams that have placed a waiver claim for him, but things have changed.

What has changed is that Merriman has proven he cannot stay healthy and other teams in the NFL will only give him  a one year prove it deal. The Bills on the other hand are desperate for a pass rushing outside linebacker.  That means the Bills are most likely willing to do something a little bit more long term than most other teams.

Many fans will probably scoff at giving Merriman a  contract with more than one year in it, but if the price is reasonable it will be well worth it.

In the end, as the saying goes no guts no glory.

Can the Bills pull off a upset?


The Buffalo Bills host the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium in a game that is sure to a tough challenge.

The question is can the Bills pull off a upset?

The Steelers enter the game with a 7-3 record and a defense that is once again amongst the best in the NFL. The Bills on the other hand come in with one of the worst run defenses in the NFL.

The key to this game will be what the Steelers do on offense.  If they decide to pass it more than run then the Bills have a chance.  However, if they decide to run the football the majority of the time then this game will not be even close, which also happens to be their strength on offense.

In the end, the only way that the Bills can pull off a upset is if the Steelers get pass happy.

Garrett is quickly making a name for himself


Dallas Cowboys interim head coach Jason Garrett was thought of before this year as a potential head coaching candidate.

With Garrett finally getting his chance after the firing of head coach Wade Phillips, Garrett is already making a name for himself.

In Garrett’s first game as a coach the Cowboys up set the New York Giants defeating them 33-20 and then on this past Sunday they defeated the Detroit Lions 35-19. However, on Thursday the Cowboys lost a heart breaker as they were defeated by the New Orleans Saints 30-20.

What makes it a heart breaker is that the Cowboys were leading the Saints 27-23 and were on their way to score what appeared to be the game clinching touchdown. That turned out not to be as on that drive wide receiver Roy Williams was stripped of the football. That would prove to be costly as the Saints march right down the field for the game winning touchdown.

Clearly, the Cowboys are a much different team under Garrett. What most likely happened is that the Cowboys got lazy and complacent under Phillips.

In the end, if the Cowboys continue to play this good under Garrett you can expect it to be his permanently.

Boy I am mad at myself


With Thanksgiving comes NFL and for several years the games have been terrible until this year as the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys game went right down to the wire.

Boy I am at myself.

Several months ago I gave up my DVR as my cable bill jumped up dramatically due to being with Time Warner for over a year. The reason being to keep the price at the same level it was before.

That has proven to be costly as there have been a lot of good games this year.  Several factors have come into play for that, but none of those are as big as parity within the NFL.

In the end, when I get my tax return I need to look into buying a DVR straight out like a TIVO.