How can it get worst for the Bills?


Buffalo Bills fans have watched their team since the turn of the century slowly decline into the basement of the National Football League.

With the season already being bad for the Bills as they are 0-5 one has to wonder how can it get worst?

On Thursday ESPN’s Tim Graham asked if a UFL team could beat the Buffalo Bills, which the show Pardon the Interruption also discussed. Both stated that the UFL probably wouldn’t stand a chance, but the thing is Bills starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick can be terribly inaccurate that sometimes leads to interceptions. If that were to happen Bills fans probably would disown the team.

Another idea that comes to mind is the offensive line depth.  Starting right offensive tackle Cornell Green is out for a while and if starting left tackle Demetrius Bell were to go down with a injury the Bills would be starting two rookies at offensive tackle.

If the offensive line were to be depleted by injuries not only could you see back up quarterback Brian Brohm getting action, but third string quarterback Levi Brown could also see some playing time.

The fact of the matter is that it is still the first half of the regular season and the Bills have yet to sustain any major injuries.  However, that should change soon as this is the National Football League and everyone goes through injuries.

In the end, it is only going to get worst, but when it does at least it will be laughable as we all have accepted that the Bills are just plain awful.

Can Cutler hold up?


The Chicago Bears offensive line was exposed in week four against the New York Giants as the Giants sacked Bears 10 times.

With the Bears leading the way in sacks allowed with 23 one has to wonder if  Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler can hold up through the season?

The Bears have a brutal schedule for the last four weeks of the regular season. In week 14 they host the New England Patriots, then travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings, followed by hosting the New York Jets and to finish of the regular season they take on the Green Bay Packers.

Currently the Bears are 4-2 and are on top of the NFC North.  However, the Packers are one game behind and if they cannot find a way to protect Cutler then sooner or later he will suffer a season ending injury, and when that happens forget about the playoffs.

In the end, the Bears have two options either run the football more or find a way to protect the quarterback.

NFLPA presidency needs to change


After several days of talk, articles and comments over the new tougher enforcement of hits to the head of defenseless offensive receivers National Football League Players Association President Kevin Mawae has finally sounded off.

It is clear after the comments that things need to change in regards to the presidency.

Mawae earlier this year retired from football, so its not a surprise that the Mawae’s comments to ESPN Radio Los Angeles were clearly out of touch and uninformed.

I cannot, I’ve told our executive committee and our members, that I cannot and will not support the commissioner for fining our players for making hits that are within the legal rules in the NFL game,’ said Mawae. “I understand helmet-to-helmet contact hits.  I understand the flagrant launching at a player with the crown of your helmet before a player who is playing in the game acting instinctively, dropping the shoulder and hitting a player coming across the middle or trying to run the ball and it be considered a vicious or violent hit because of some uncharted standard, I cannot and will not and the NFLPA will not support it.  There is a way to play the game and that is within the rules of the game.  If our players are playing within the rules and for the commissioner and for the NFL to say that they are going to increase fines because of hits seem to be vicious or violent I think it’s ridiculous and I think the skirts need to be taken off in the NFL offices.”

The thing is that rules were put in place that it is illegal to hit a defenseless offensive player in the head with a forearm, shoulder or any other body part.  So, the NFL is well within the jurisdiction to start imposing heavy fines and suspensions.

Mawae is clearly not in touch with what is going on in the NFL and one has to wonder if he is watching games on Sunday.  Sometimes when a player retires they embark on stuff that they were never really able to do during their careers like hunting trips.

The fact is that when a player retires they should also have to five up their position as president of the NFLPA.

In the end, the only thing that Mawae is doing is making the NFLPA look clueless and that will only hurt them during collective bargaining negotiations.

Clark’s absense will be felt


The Indianapolis Colts just lost another target as they placed tight end on season ending injured reserve as his injured wrist will require surgery.

Clark’s absence will be missed by the Colts offense.

With wide receiver Austin Collie out for at least two weeks the Colts have only two weapons left in wide receivers Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon. That means Manning’s job got a whole lot tougher as teams will now double team the pair to force him to go to backups that skills aren’t that very good.

Of course it is Manning that is still running the offense so there will be some scoring by the Colts, but just not as much.

Also, the Colts defense has to deal with a healthy Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner.  That means the Colts offense will get a limited amount of chances of the Falcons’ running game is firing on all cylinders.

In the end, this week is going to be a tough game for the Colts.

Williams being out would be a good thing


Buffalo Bills nose tackle once again did not practice on Thursday due to a twisted ankle that he suffered during Wednesday’s practice.

Williams absence this Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens would be a good thing.

There are several reasons for it.  First, Williams is not good against double teams, so he is out of place at the nose tackle position. Secondly, they drafted this past April Torell Troup to be the Bills nose tackle of the future. Last, the run defense has actually got worst this year as last year the Bills were allowing on average 156 yards rushing in 2009 while in 2010 they are now allowing 182 yards rushing per a game.

Why do you think that former defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and former head coach Dick Jauron switched him from the nose tackle position to the three technique defensive tackle of a 4-3.

In the end, the faster they get Williams out of the starting lineup the better they will be.

Evidence of what I was saying


In a earlier article I wrote a couple of days ago I mentioned that there were other ways to deliver big hits without going to the head of a defenseless offensive player.

Well here is the evidence of what I was saying.

According to Pro Football Talk, the National Football League has released a video that clearly displays that there are other ways to deliver a big hit without ever going to the head of an offensive football player. You can see the video right here.

I mentioned that a good form tackle to the gut would do just as good of a job.  However, in this video an even better example is shown with defenders delivering big hits not to the head, but to the chest of offensive players.  Of course these hits get the job done cause they are just as hard and devastating as the ones to the head.

Could a offensive player still suffer a concussion?

Yes, they could from smacking their head on the ground.  However, the chances of that happening are not as great as getting hit in the head by a defender.

ESPN’s John Clayton on WGR 550 Mike Schopp and the Bulldog during his weekly radio interview during football season, made a great point that there is a little hypocrisy that players want to maim and injure a guy that could affect him the rest of his life, but at the same time are complaining that an 18 game season will result in more injuries.

In the end, all this has shown is that NFL players are spoiled little brats and only care about themselves.

Get over it


National Football League players today are reacting to the news that the National Football League will be more strictly enforcing rules on defenders delivering devastating hits to the heads of offensive players.

Simply, every needs to get over it.

All day Wednesday, it has been a constant nonstop quoting of player that hate the NFL will enforce policies more strictly due to it being media day. Also, players feel that the stricter enforcement will only hurt the game.

The fact is that there are other ways to deliver devastating hit without ever going near the head.  Going to the head just simply provides a sure fire way of separating an offensive player from the football.

It is pretty funny to hear these guys talk all their crap, because in 20 to 30 years they will be preaching about taking the devastating hits out as well once they all start feeling the effects from all the concussions suffered over the years.

As the NFL said they are the trend setter and have a responsibility to set the standard so that the lower levels of football will follow suit. Kids at those levels have no clue about the long term effects of concussions.

In the end, these players may not appreciated it now, but they will be appreciating it later.

Should Bills forefit?


The Buffalo Bills are traveling to Baltimore to take on the Ravens in what should be a lopsided game.

That has me thinking should the Bills just forefit?

The Bills are terriblr mainly due to their defense just being god awful. They cannot stop the offenses running game for the life of them and the Ravens have running backs Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.

Let’s not forget Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who can be unpredictable at times thanks to his accuracy.

In the end, hopefully the Ravens will get a big lead quick so we all can go do something else instead of wasting another afternoon watching them find another way to lose a close game.

There is another way to deliver big hits


The National Football League has announced Tuesday that they will be enforcing rules on hits to the head more strictly.

The fact is that there is another way to deliver a big hit without it being to the head.

Defenders in football are universally taught one tackling technique that being the head on the side where the ball is, shoulder into the body about waist high and a arms wrapped around the legs of the person catching the football.

If defenders were to follow this technique with offensive players coming across the field to make a catch then we wouldn’t have a problem with blows to the head. However, defenders are also taught to injure offensive players and with football being such a fast sport natural instincts kick in.

Unfortunately, sometimes this instincts tell a person to deliver a blow to the head to send a message to the offense.

So, how do you get defenders to think twice?

The answer is the penalty for delivering a blow to the head has to be so severe that when a defender tries to deliver a blow to the head something clicks and tells them not to.

In the end, as the saying goes there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Bills inch closer to first pick overall


Even on a bye week the Buffalo Bills cannot escape the talk of being first overall in 2011 National Football League Draft.

The reason being the Bills took one step closer to the first pick overall without ever stepping a foot on the field.

There were three teams that entered Sunday without a win and two of them in the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers had a bye this week. However, it was the third team in the San Francisco 49ers where the Bills took a step forward.

In the Battle of the Bay the 49ers beat geographic rival Oakland Raiders 17-9. That now leaves the Bills and Panthers as the only two winless teams in the NFL.

The Bills are pathetic, because they haven’t drafted well, don’t have a quartetrback, and insist on nose tackle Kyle Williams being a starter.

In the end, it will be a load off Bills fans’ backs when this season is over with.