Looking back Bills didn’t do that bad


Many Buffalo Bills fans are frustrated by the overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Considering that this past Sunday’s opponent in the Kansas City Chiefs gives up the fifth lowest points per a game average the Bills did fairly well.

What many people are forgetting that the Chiefs have held the Indianapolis Colts to 19 points and held the San Diego Chargers to just 14 points.  Now, just how many points were you expecting the Bills to score? Even if the Bills did connect on several plays it doesn’t mean those drives would of continued.

What really aggravated me was that the Bills in the first half couldn’t stop the Chiefs pass rush or get down the snap count.  However, head coach Chan Gailey insisted on performing shotgun plays that didn’t work. In the fourth quarter the Bills woke up out of their trance and started to use short plays to get wide receivers involved.

In the end, the Bills had a good chance to get a win on the board, but Gailey put them in a bad position from the very begin.