Buffalonians have nowhere to turn to


Buffalonians knew going into the National Football League regular season that the Buffalo Bills were not going to be a very good teams as they are in the middle of transitioning to new head coach Chan Gailey’s offense and defense, but many thought that they would be able to see refuge with the Buffalo Sabres.

However, that is not the case and now buffalonians have nowhere to turn to.

The Sabres Saturday night were trounced by the Dallas Stars 4-0 leaving the only one point ahead of last place in the National Hockey League’s.

I cannot remember a year as bad as this. In the past at least one of the two teams were entertaining as I started to watch the teams regularly in 1988 when I was nine years old.  At that time and through the turn of the century the Bills were entertaining.

Early last decade saw some bad teams, but at least one of the teams hovered near mediocrity. What makes this year different than all the others is that the have the worst record in the NFL and the Sabres are ahead of only the New Jersey Devils.

Most buffalonians may feel that they have the play of Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to look forward to, but teams know that the Bills main weakness is that they cannot stop the run.  That in turn will limit the number of chances the offense will have to score.

In the end, it is going to be a long season for buffalonians.

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