It is going to get ugly in Kansas


The Buffalo Bills visit Arrowhead Stadium this week to take on a surprisingly good the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the Chiefs being really good at one thing you can expect this Sunday’s game to get ugly.

The Buffalo Bills got their heads handed to them as the New York Jets opened a can of whoop-ass on them that resulted in a score of 38-14. Then head coach Rex Ryan after the game ran to the bench, pulled out a six pack, cracked a couple of cold ones, jumped up on the bench, chugged them down and gave Bills fans the Cold Stone Salute. Okay, the second sentence didn’t happen, but it sure felt like that happened, and would be awesome to see even though the coach would get a heavy fine.

The reason that the Bills got devastated like the White House in the movie “Independence Day” is the fact that the Bills are terrible against the run and the Jets have the second best running game in the National Football League.  Well take a guess who is number one in the NFL.

Yes, that is right it is the Kansas City Chiefs, who are averaging over 176 yards rushing a games, is the number rushing attack overall in the National Football League.  So, how do you expect to beat the number one overall rushing attack  when you are the worst run defense in the NFL.

In the end, the Chiefs will control the football for more than 40 minutes Sunday and by the time the Bills offense will score a touchdown the Chiefs will probably have scored three of their own.