The outside linebacker


Outside linebacker has been a point of talk amongst Buffalo Bills fans as the team signed starting outside linebacker Chris Kelsay to a contract extension and fellow outside linebacker, and former first round pick, Aaron Maybin has had trouble getting on the field.

So what are exaclty the responsibilities of a outside linebacker?

There are two types of outside linebackers , who are the all around and pass rusher/runstuffer.

The all around linebacker as you might suspect is the linebacker that has to take part in all three various facets. That being pass coverage, rushing the passer and defending the run.

The other linebacker for the most part defend the run, rushes the passer and very few times goes out into coverage. These are the linebacker that comprise of Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and former Bills outside linebacker Bryce Paup, which Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Maybin would fall in.

Linebackers like Mathews and Maybin main responsibility is containment on bot pass and run plays. When the ball is snapped the first job is to find the football, then get as deep as the person who is holding it and then attack.

Maybin’s problem is that he disregarding his main responsibility when he stops his speed rush and tries to pull a move to the inside. This would then allow quarterbacks and running backs to break the play to the outside for a gain.

In the end, when Maybins stops trying his inside moves he will see the field more.

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