Fitzpatrick will be putting up some numbers


Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick through four games has already put up some impressive numbers.

After looking at the remaining opponents Fitzpatrick will be putting up more impressive numbers this season.

Of the remaining 10 teams that the Bills have, only one of them is in the top 15 in passing defense.  That being the Minnesota Vikings at 13 overall.

No, that is not wrong as it is according to It is understandable why one would think that it is wrong, but alas it is correct.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are ranked 24 in pass defense and just have lost defensive end Aaron Smith for an extended period of time as he tore a triceps muscle. The New England Patriots are ranked 30, while the  New York Jets are ranked 22. Even if the Jets improve they face the Bills in week 17, so they will be just playing backups.

In the end, Fitzpatrick is going to get his chance to  shine.