Fitzpatrick needs to show more to be the answer


While reading WGR 550’s Joe Buscaglia’s reaction to the latest Buffalo Bills lost I noticed that the question of whether quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is the quarterback of the future is starting to be posed.

Simply, if Fitzpatrick wants to become it then he needs to have more games like these against solid defenses.

Fitzpatrick had a really nice game Sunday where for all the game he was accurate on his throws. That has been the main knock on Fitzpatrick as at times he can become completely inaccurate.

He only made two mistakes that where turned into interceptions, but luckily one was nullified on the very next play by a turnover.

This is the second straight game where Fitzpatrick has thrown for at least three touchdowns.  Also, he has reached a career high in touchdowns as he has already thrown eleven in four games with 969 yards passing completing 63.3 percent of his passes with only four interceptions.

If Fitzpatrick continues at this pace by the end of the season he will have passed for over 3,300 yards passing with 38 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Any quarterback that throws over 30 touchdowns definitely is starting material. The reason being that it is hard to get yards and touchdown in the National Football League.

Obviously, the credit for Fitzpatrick success goes to Bills head coach Chan Gailey as he is once again proving why he is a genius when it comes to quarterbacks.

In the end, Fitzpatrick right now is playing at a elite quarterback level and if he continues this Bills fans will finally have their answer.

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