NFLPA presidency needs to change


After several days of talk, articles and comments over the new tougher enforcement of hits to the head of defenseless offensive receivers National Football League Players Association President Kevin Mawae has finally sounded off.

It is clear after the comments that things need to change in regards to the presidency.

Mawae earlier this year retired from football, so its not a surprise that the Mawae’s comments to ESPN Radio Los Angeles were clearly out of touch and uninformed.

I cannot, I’ve told our executive committee and our members, that I cannot and will not support the commissioner for fining our players for making hits that are within the legal rules in the NFL game,’ said Mawae. “I understand helmet-to-helmet contact hits.  I understand the flagrant launching at a player with the crown of your helmet before a player who is playing in the game acting instinctively, dropping the shoulder and hitting a player coming across the middle or trying to run the ball and it be considered a vicious or violent hit because of some uncharted standard, I cannot and will not and the NFLPA will not support it.  There is a way to play the game and that is within the rules of the game.  If our players are playing within the rules and for the commissioner and for the NFL to say that they are going to increase fines because of hits seem to be vicious or violent I think it’s ridiculous and I think the skirts need to be taken off in the NFL offices.”

The thing is that rules were put in place that it is illegal to hit a defenseless offensive player in the head with a forearm, shoulder or any other body part.  So, the NFL is well within the jurisdiction to start imposing heavy fines and suspensions.

Mawae is clearly not in touch with what is going on in the NFL and one has to wonder if he is watching games on Sunday.  Sometimes when a player retires they embark on stuff that they were never really able to do during their careers like hunting trips.

The fact is that when a player retires they should also have to five up their position as president of the NFLPA.

In the end, the only thing that Mawae is doing is making the NFLPA look clueless and that will only hurt them during collective bargaining negotiations.

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