Clark’s absense will be felt


The Indianapolis Colts just lost another target as they placed tight end on season ending injured reserve as his injured wrist will require surgery.

Clark’s absence will be missed by the Colts offense.

With wide receiver Austin Collie out for at least two weeks the Colts have only two weapons left in wide receivers Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon. That means Manning’s job got a whole lot tougher as teams will now double team the pair to force him to go to backups that skills aren’t that very good.

Of course it is Manning that is still running the offense so there will be some scoring by the Colts, but just not as much.

Also, the Colts defense has to deal with a healthy Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner.  That means the Colts offense will get a limited amount of chances of the Falcons’ running game is firing on all cylinders.

In the end, this week is going to be a tough game for the Colts.

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