Williams being out would be a good thing


Buffalo Bills nose tackle once again did not practice on Thursday due to a twisted ankle that he suffered during Wednesday’s practice.

Williams absence this Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens would be a good thing.

There are several reasons for it.  First, Williams is not good against double teams, so he is out of place at the nose tackle position. Secondly, they drafted this past April Torell Troup to be the Bills nose tackle of the future. Last, the run defense has actually got worst this year as last year the Bills were allowing on average 156 yards rushing in 2009 while in 2010 they are now allowing 182 yards rushing per a game.

Why do you think that former defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and former head coach Dick Jauron switched him from the nose tackle position to the three technique defensive tackle of a 4-3.

In the end, the faster they get Williams out of the starting lineup the better they will be.

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