Evidence of what I was saying


In a earlier article I wrote a couple of days ago I mentioned that there were other ways to deliver big hits without going to the head of a defenseless offensive player.

Well here is the evidence of what I was saying.

According to Pro Football Talk, the National Football League has released a video that clearly displays that there are other ways to deliver a big hit without ever going to the head of an offensive football player. You can see the video right here.

I mentioned that a good form tackle to the gut would do just as good of a job.  However, in this video an even better example is shown with defenders delivering big hits not to the head, but to the chest of offensive players.  Of course these hits get the job done cause they are just as hard and devastating as the ones to the head.

Could a offensive player still suffer a concussion?

Yes, they could from smacking their head on the ground.  However, the chances of that happening are not as great as getting hit in the head by a defender.

ESPN’s John Clayton on WGR 550 Mike Schopp and the Bulldog during his weekly radio interview during football season, made a great point that there is a little hypocrisy that players want to maim and injure a guy that could affect him the rest of his life, but at the same time are complaining that an 18 game season will result in more injuries.

In the end, all this has shown is that NFL players are spoiled little brats and only care about themselves.

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