Get over it


National Football League players today are reacting to the news that the National Football League will be more strictly enforcing rules on defenders delivering devastating hits to the heads of offensive players.

Simply, every needs to get over it.

All day Wednesday, it has been a constant nonstop quoting of player that hate the NFL will enforce policies more strictly due to it being media day. Also, players feel that the stricter enforcement will only hurt the game.

The fact is that there are other ways to deliver devastating hit without ever going near the head.  Going to the head just simply provides a sure fire way of separating an offensive player from the football.

It is pretty funny to hear these guys talk all their crap, because in 20 to 30 years they will be preaching about taking the devastating hits out as well once they all start feeling the effects from all the concussions suffered over the years.

As the NFL said they are the trend setter and have a responsibility to set the standard so that the lower levels of football will follow suit. Kids at those levels have no clue about the long term effects of concussions.

In the end, these players may not appreciated it now, but they will be appreciating it later.