Should Bills forefit?


The Buffalo Bills are traveling to Baltimore to take on the Ravens in what should be a lopsided game.

That has me thinking should the Bills just forefit?

The Bills are terriblr mainly due to their defense just being god awful. They cannot stop the offenses running game for the life of them and the Ravens have running backs Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.

Let’s not forget Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who can be unpredictable at times thanks to his accuracy.

In the end, hopefully the Ravens will get a big lead quick so we all can go do something else instead of wasting another afternoon watching them find another way to lose a close game.

There is another way to deliver big hits


The National Football League has announced Tuesday that they will be enforcing rules on hits to the head more strictly.

The fact is that there is another way to deliver a big hit without it being to the head.

Defenders in football are universally taught one tackling technique that being the head on the side where the ball is, shoulder into the body about waist high and a arms wrapped around the legs of the person catching the football.

If defenders were to follow this technique with offensive players coming across the field to make a catch then we wouldn’t have a problem with blows to the head. However, defenders are also taught to injure offensive players and with football being such a fast sport natural instincts kick in.

Unfortunately, sometimes this instincts tell a person to deliver a blow to the head to send a message to the offense.

So, how do you get defenders to think twice?

The answer is the penalty for delivering a blow to the head has to be so severe that when a defender tries to deliver a blow to the head something clicks and tells them not to.

In the end, as the saying goes there is more than one way to skin a cat.