Bills inch closer to first pick overall


Even on a bye week the Buffalo Bills cannot escape the talk of being first overall in 2011 National Football League Draft.

The reason being the Bills took one step closer to the first pick overall without ever stepping a foot on the field.

There were three teams that entered Sunday without a win and two of them in the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers had a bye this week. However, it was the third team in the San Francisco 49ers where the Bills took a step forward.

In the Battle of the Bay the 49ers beat geographic rival Oakland Raiders 17-9. That now leaves the Bills and Panthers as the only two winless teams in the NFL.

The Bills are pathetic, because they haven’t drafted well, don’t have a quartetrback, and insist on nose tackle Kyle Williams being a starter.

In the end, it will be a load off Bills fans’ backs when this season is over with.

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