An enjoyable weekend for Bills fans


The Buffalo Bills do not play this Sunday as they are on their bye week.

That means Bills fans will enjoy Sunday for once.

Sunday’s so far this fall have been miserable as they have been dominated for the most part en route to a 0-5 record.  The way it has been going one has to wonder if they are going to be able to win a game at all as the two easiest teams on their schedule are the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns who the Bills have trouble with.

The run defense for the most part has just been a disaster as Bills head coach Chan Gailey made a terrible decision installing Kyle Williams as the starting nose tackle.  Against double teams Williams gets thrown around like a tackling dummy.

As for the offense it has actually been average with Ryan Fitzpatrick quarterbacking the Bills.  In three games the Bills are averaging 198 yards per a game, which would give them a 22nd ranking in passing and their rushing rank is 26th.

Obviously, things would actually be better offensively with a legit quarterback as teams are game planning to take away the run early and once they have a big lead they allow the Bills to start running the football, which is where most of their yards are coming from.

In the end, enjoy Bills fans, because it is going to be a long season.

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