Things will finally change in the battle against concussions


Dizziness: check

Headache: check

Nausea: Check

Head coach: Hey you okay kid? You took a pretty good hit there.

Player: Yeah I am okay.

Head coach: Okay in you go.

Time and time again that is the scene on football fields across American as some unknowingly have suffered a concussion, which are typically high school athletes that have never head of a concussion, while others straight out lie to coaches to get back in the game.

However, that is about to change thanks to a new test developed by the Army.

According to the USA Today, the Army has discovered a new blood test that can diagnose a mild concussions that can affect athletes, infants with “shaken baby syndrome” and combat troops.

The test detects unique proteins that spill into the blood stream from damaged brain cells. The test already has been conducted on people and has accurately diagnosed 34 patients.

Now, if your wondering if the National Football League will look into the test don’t worry about it as according to Pro Football Talk the NFL is already looking into it as the NFL spokesman Greg Aiello stated in an email that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and co-chairs of the Head, Neck and Spine Committee Dr. Hunt Batjer and Dr. Richard Ellenbogen met with Army general Peter Chiarelli at the Seattle Seahawks facilities.

Players will no longer be able to pawn off concussions to just getting their bells rung.  Now, with the test if a person takes a good shot to the head they aren’t going to go  right back in as they will soon have to go through the test before getting back on the field.

In the end, it may exposes the dangers of the game, but if it helps prevent players from playing with concussions it will be all worth while.

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