Another reason to be skeptical of the Bills


Many Buffalo Bills fans are skeptical that the team will turn things around anytime soon.

Well Bills fans have another reason to be.

According to the Cincinnati Enquire the Cincinnati Bengals worked out linebacker Adalius Thomas on Tuesday.

Thomas has extensive experience as he started his career with the Baltimore Ravens and then signed a free agent contract with the New England Patriots. Thomas was an impact player with the Patriots until 2008 when his sack totals started to decline.

Thomas is 33 years old and still should have some solid years of football left. The question is then what are the Bills waiting for?

The answer is that they like their current stable of starting linebackers and the potential of rookie Arthur Moats and Antonio Coleman. As for Aaron Maybin he needs to improve dramatically or he will be gone soon.

In the end, the Bills are fool for not bringing in Thomas.

Maybin get things fixed fast


When the Buffalo Bills took outside linebacker Aaron Maybin many Bills fans thought that they had their pass rusher of the future, but that has yet to come to light.

If Maybin doesn’t get things fixed soon and have some production he could be the next one to get cut by the Bills.

The Bills have made major roster moves each of the last three weeks.  First, it was cutting quarterback Trent Edwards, then it was trading running back Marshawn Lynch, and on Monday it was releasing outside linebacker  Chris Ellis.

Ellis played 41 snaps in the regular season opener against the Miami Dolphins, which he earned with a productive training camp, but was lack luster.  That didn’t sit well with coaches as he only played in eight snaps after that.

If Maybin is going to start being productive he needs to do several things.  First, learn to be quicker off the ball when the football is snapped, second perfect a couple of pass rushing moves to keep offensive tackles guessing and last work on getting separation from a offensive lineman when the ball is coming near you to make the tackle.

In the end, it is do or die for Maybin as Bills head coach Chan Gailey isn’t going to keep a player around long if they cannot do anything.