NCAA has a problem


Former National Football League agent Josh Luchs sat down with Spotrs Illustrated.

To sum it up the NCAA has a problem.

Luchs confirmed what everyone thought that was transpiring between agents and college football players. That being agents are paying college football players.

Football players aren’t as innocent as everyone thinks them and their families take advantage of this as agents now have no legal recourse to pursue to get money back like they did in the past.

The fact of the matter is that agent should be allowed to be recruited. After all high school athletes get recruited by colleges while still enrolled in high school.

Let’s face it the only reason why that the NCAA has these rules is to make sure that players stay in school as long as possible and that way the competition level will still be at a high level. That then will in turn bring in more advertising revenue to the NCAA and schools.

In the end, the NCAA and the government can make up as many rules as they want, but this will always continue.

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