They just never learn


For whatever reason superstar athletes think that they can get away with whatever they want.

Now, you can include Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Farve.

Evidence of Farve’s sexual harrassment of a former New York Jets in house reporter. When one thing comes out you can bet there is more to follow.

That has happened Friday as Deadspin, via Pro Football Talk, is reporting that Farve sent harrassing text messages to two former Jets massage therapists.

To make matters worst for Farve a husband of one of the therapist has went on record stating that they called the number back aske for an apology, but Farve refused.

The husband went on to say that they did save the messages and are currently contemplating going public.

As to why this hasn’t come out earlier the man said that they sought legal advice, but a lawyer stated that they had no legal recourse since they were contracted.

In the end, Farve is up the creek without a paddle.

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