Can the Bills beat the Jaguars?


The Buffalo Bills were an absolute disaster last week against the New York Jets as they lost 38-14 with one touchdown in garbage time with 223 net yards on offense coming in that same time frame as well.

The question is can the Bills beat the Jaguars?

The answer from my perspective is no. The main reason is that the Bills faced the Jaguars last year and lost even though they held Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew to 66 yards rushing on 25 attempts.

This year the defense is worst, especially the run defense, and that means Jones-Drew is primed for a huge day running the football.

The Jets ran all day long and held the football for more than 40 minutes. It should be more of the same this week.

Also, the Bills pass defense is a mess as the the defense is still getting use to their 3-4 defense after switching from a 4-3 this year.

In the end, if the Bills do this week they could just go winless for the year.

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