Enough with Fitzpatrick


Once again the Buffalo Bills offense was abysmal as it got out gained and out scored by the New York Jets offense Sunday.

This person has already had enough with current Bills starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatick.

Fitzpatrick was wild once again as he was off the mark on several open wide receivers and almost fumbled the football twice himself.

An elite starting quarterback doesn’t miss the mark on so mant open wide receivers. On opne instance wide receiver Lee Evans had a step on his guy on what appeared to be a go route, but Fitzpatrick over threw him badley.

Great defenses like the Jets don’t give you many opportunitties to make plays and when they do pop up you have to take advantage of them.

Everyone in the National Football League knows that Fitpatrick can be very inaccurate at times and quarterback like thoughs are nothing more than backups.

In the end, the Bills are better off just trying out quarterback Brian Brohm as the starter, because at this they have nothing to lose.

Williams is the problem


The Buffalo Bills once again got demolished as this time it was the New York Jets running game Sunday.

The problem with the Bills run defense comes down to one person and that is nose tackle Kyle Williams.

Even though many faces have come and gone Williams is the only person that still is there. It is no coincidence that the Bills run defense is still bad.

In a 3-4 defense you have to have a mountain for a nose tackle, which means you have to have a person that won’t be moved. Williams on the other hand gets pushed around a lot, which allows opposing offenses to create some massive holes.

The last time the Bills ran a 3-4 defense they had Ted Washington at the nose tackle position with Pat Williams being his backup, which propelled the Bills to being one of the best defenses in the National Football League.

In the end, until the Bills get rid of Williams they will always be bad on defense.