Looking back Bills didn’t do that bad


Many Buffalo Bills fans are frustrated by the overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Considering that this past Sunday’s opponent in the Kansas City Chiefs gives up the fifth lowest points per a game average the Bills did fairly well.

What many people are forgetting that the Chiefs have held the Indianapolis Colts to 19 points and held the San Diego Chargers to just 14 points.  Now, just how many points were you expecting the Bills to score? Even if the Bills did connect on several plays it doesn’t mean those drives would of continued.

What really aggravated me was that the Bills in the first half couldn’t stop the Chiefs pass rush or get down the snap count.  However, head coach Chan Gailey insisted on performing shotgun plays that didn’t work. In the fourth quarter the Bills woke up out of their trance and started to use short plays to get wide receivers involved.

In the end, the Bills had a good chance to get a win on the board, but Gailey put them in a bad position from the very begin.

Buffalonians have nowhere to turn to


Buffalonians knew going into the National Football League regular season that the Buffalo Bills were not going to be a very good teams as they are in the middle of transitioning to new head coach Chan Gailey’s offense and defense, but many thought that they would be able to see refuge with the Buffalo Sabres.

However, that is not the case and now buffalonians have nowhere to turn to.

The Sabres Saturday night were trounced by the Dallas Stars 4-0 leaving the only one point ahead of last place in the National Hockey League’s.

I cannot remember a year as bad as this. In the past at least one of the two teams were entertaining as I started to watch the teams regularly in 1988 when I was nine years old.  At that time and through the turn of the century the Bills were entertaining.

Early last decade saw some bad teams, but at least one of the teams hovered near mediocrity. What makes this year different than all the others is that the have the worst record in the NFL and the Sabres are ahead of only the New Jersey Devils.

Most buffalonians may feel that they have the play of Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to look forward to, but teams know that the Bills main weakness is that they cannot stop the run.  That in turn will limit the number of chances the offense will have to score.

In the end, it is going to be a long season for buffalonians.

It is going to get ugly in Kansas


The Buffalo Bills visit Arrowhead Stadium this week to take on a surprisingly good the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the Chiefs being really good at one thing you can expect this Sunday’s game to get ugly.

The Buffalo Bills got their heads handed to them as the New York Jets opened a can of whoop-ass on them that resulted in a score of 38-14. Then head coach Rex Ryan after the game ran to the bench, pulled out a six pack, cracked a couple of cold ones, jumped up on the bench, chugged them down and gave Bills fans the Cold Stone Salute. Okay, the second sentence didn’t happen, but it sure felt like that happened, and would be awesome to see even though the coach would get a heavy fine.

The reason that the Bills got devastated like the White House in the movie “Independence Day” is the fact that the Bills are terrible against the run and the Jets have the second best running game in the National Football League.  Well take a guess who is number one in the NFL.

Yes, that is right it is the Kansas City Chiefs, who are averaging over 176 yards rushing a games, is the number rushing attack overall in the National Football League.  So, how do you expect to beat the number one overall rushing attack  when you are the worst run defense in the NFL.

In the end, the Chiefs will control the football for more than 40 minutes Sunday and by the time the Bills offense will score a touchdown the Chiefs will probably have scored three of their own.

The outside linebacker


Outside linebacker has been a point of talk amongst Buffalo Bills fans as the team signed starting outside linebacker Chris Kelsay to a contract extension and fellow outside linebacker, and former first round pick, Aaron Maybin has had trouble getting on the field.

So what are exaclty the responsibilities of a outside linebacker?

There are two types of outside linebackers , who are the all around and pass rusher/runstuffer.

The all around linebacker as you might suspect is the linebacker that has to take part in all three various facets. That being pass coverage, rushing the passer and defending the run.

The other linebacker for the most part defend the run, rushes the passer and very few times goes out into coverage. These are the linebacker that comprise of Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and former Bills outside linebacker Bryce Paup, which Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Maybin would fall in.

Linebackers like Mathews and Maybin main responsibility is containment on bot pass and run plays. When the ball is snapped the first job is to find the football, then get as deep as the person who is holding it and then attack.

Maybin’s problem is that he disregarding his main responsibility when he stops his speed rush and tries to pull a move to the inside. This would then allow quarterbacks and running backs to break the play to the outside for a gain.

In the end, when Maybins stops trying his inside moves he will see the field more.

One simple thing will solve Maybin’s problems


Coaches sometimes get caught up in showing how smart they are that they forget that the simplest answer

According to WGR 550, Gailey was asked Monday if  Maybin will ever see the field again and responded with this.

“He has to continue to improve his all around play, and that includes special teams,” said the Bills head coach. “And to be honest with you, it gets harder and harder because this is game plan, it’s not going out and practicing to see who wins spots right now. If somebody doesn’t play well, then you give him another chance. If somebody keeps playing well, he might not get another chance right now.”

Gailey was then asked on during his Wednesday press conference if Maybin would still be on the team if it weren’t for his first round status and said this, via the Buffalo News.

“Oh, I … he’s done some good things,” Gailey said. “He’s just not producing enough right now to get on the field. He has good talent, and we work with all those guys who have talent to bring them along as football players.”

However, this is where the answer lies for Maybin.

“You can put yourself in a position to get overmatched by not taking advantage of what you have the quickness, speed and that kind of stuff,” Gailey said. “If you get locked up then you are at a disadvantage and you got to play a little differently when your not as big and strong as the guys your playing against. Sometimes he puts himself in a position where he gets overmatched and that is one thing productive players do they don’t put themselves in those positions.”

Simply, when he stops and tries his inside move he gets locked up and cannot do anything.

So, all Gailey wants him to do is speed rush all the way through the whistle to the outside as even if just pressures the quarterback he did is job.

In the end, coaches forget this is football and the best rule of thumb when it comes to explaining things is KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!!!

“Oh, I … he’s done some good things,” Gailey said. “He’s just not producing enough right now to get on the field. He has good talent, and we work with all those guys who have talent to bring them along as football players.”

Fitzpatrick will be putting up some numbers


Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick through four games has already put up some impressive numbers.

After looking at the remaining opponents Fitzpatrick will be putting up more impressive numbers this season.

Of the remaining 10 teams that the Bills have, only one of them is in the top 15 in passing defense.  That being the Minnesota Vikings at 13 overall.

No, that is not wrong as it is according to NFL.com. It is understandable why one would think that it is wrong, but alas it is correct.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are ranked 24 in pass defense and just have lost defensive end Aaron Smith for an extended period of time as he tore a triceps muscle. The New England Patriots are ranked 30, while the  New York Jets are ranked 22. Even if the Jets improve they face the Bills in week 17, so they will be just playing backups.

In the end, Fitzpatrick is going to get his chance to  shine.

Time for change to referees


This weekend saw a slew of botched referee calls that was spread out over several games.

Simply, it is time for a change to refereeing in the National Football League.

Many people have been calling for fulltime referees and with the players in the NFL getting faster it is time for that very switch.

In the Buffalo Bills versus Baltimore Ravens game there was two three calls that stood out in the Reggie Corner non interception, the Shawn Nelson fumble, and the Derrick Mason catch. Fulltime referees get those plays right as fulltime referees would have loads of time to address those type of scenarios.

In the end, the NFL has gotten to fast and too good for referees to have a fulltime job outside of the NFL.

The Shift


For the last four games Buffalo Bills fans have been hoping to be entertained while the Bills all of their games to ensure that they get the first overall pick in Aprils National Football League Draft.

However, after Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens their is now a shift in focus.

The spotlight is now on starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as he currently has completed 63.3 percent of his passes for 969 yards passing with 11 touchdowns and four interceptions over four games. That means Fitzpatrick is on pace to throw over 3,300 yard passing and 38 touchdowns.

The last person to throw 30 touchdowns was Jim Kelly and 38 would even eclipse Kelly’s alltime high of 33 touchdowns in a single year, which was 1991 the Bills second of four straight Superbowl appearances. Also, Kelly did that in 15 games while Fitpatrick would have done it in 14 games.

The fact is Fitzpatrick is playing at an elite level as he has thrown at least two touchdowns in all four games and even if he was just to average that he still would have 31 touchdowns on the season.

The fact of the matter is its not about physical strength or appearance it is about getting the job done.

In the end, if Fitzpatrick throws over 3,000 yards passing and 30 touchdowns Bills fans will finally have their quarterback of the future.

Defense does the Bills in again


The Buffalo Bills this past Sunday at one point had a 24-10 lead over the Baltimore Ravens.

However, the defense then showed why the Bills haven’t won a game yet.

The defense once again turned in a dismal performance allowing over 30 points for a record fifth straight game. Also, the defense allowed 136 yards rushing and 250 yards passing.

Yes, a couple of the touchdowns were on turnovers, but good defenses find a way to get the job done. Even if they just allowed a field goal on one of the turnovers instead of a touchdown the Bills would have one in regulation.

The main problem is that nose tackle Kyle Williams is terrible and the Bills don’t have an elite pass rusher to make plays for the passing game.

In the end, if the defense fixes those two things then the defense will be fine.

Fitzpatrick needs to show more to be the answer


While reading WGR 550’s Joe Buscaglia’s reaction to the latest Buffalo Bills lost I noticed that the question of whether quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is the quarterback of the future is starting to be posed.

Simply, if Fitzpatrick wants to become it then he needs to have more games like these against solid defenses.

Fitzpatrick had a really nice game Sunday where for all the game he was accurate on his throws. That has been the main knock on Fitzpatrick as at times he can become completely inaccurate.

He only made two mistakes that where turned into interceptions, but luckily one was nullified on the very next play by a turnover.

This is the second straight game where Fitzpatrick has thrown for at least three touchdowns.  Also, he has reached a career high in touchdowns as he has already thrown eleven in four games with 969 yards passing completing 63.3 percent of his passes with only four interceptions.

If Fitzpatrick continues at this pace by the end of the season he will have passed for over 3,300 yards passing with 38 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Any quarterback that throws over 30 touchdowns definitely is starting material. The reason being that it is hard to get yards and touchdown in the National Football League.

Obviously, the credit for Fitzpatrick success goes to Bills head coach Chan Gailey as he is once again proving why he is a genius when it comes to quarterbacks.

In the end, Fitzpatrick right now is playing at a elite quarterback level and if he continues this Bills fans will finally have their answer.