All but one able to play


Last year the Buffalo Bills were decimated by injuries.

However that isn’t the case this year.

According to Bills head coach Chan Gailey the only person that won’t play Sunday is middle linebacker Paul Pozluszny. Everyone else is healthy.

That is a stark change from a year ago when the Bills had over 20 players on the injured reserve list.

Fans can attribute that to the change in the strength and conditioning coaches and a tougher strength and conditioning program.

In the end, the Bills should only see a few more players land on IR if any.

How much will Faulk injury hurt?


New Englad Patriots running back Kevin Faulk has been an integral part of the team on third downs.

With Faulk out for the year with a torn anterior cruciate ligament the question now is how much will it affect the Patriots offense?

Faulk has been a reliable target on third downs for years, but now Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have to look for someone else.
That could be costly as one bad play will kill a drive that could have eventually scored points. Faulk has a reputation for getting the Patriots a first down when needed.

In the end, unless the defense starts to stepup a little the Patriots could miss the playoffs.

Smith doesn’t get it


National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith appeared on WGR 550 Wednesday.

After listening to Smith’s interview it is clear he doesn’t get it.

Obviously, Smith is trying to sway the fans of the National Football League to their side. Unfortunately, fans aren’t buying it as it has no real direct impact on them. If anything keeping the status quo would make them reach deeper into their pockets.

Smith justified the correlation between fans and players due to the fact that some fans are employed in positions like within the concession stand.

The fact is people want to be able to spend less money and the only real way to do that is owners reducing prices. That will never happen if the current collective bargaining agreement stays in place as it is proven to eat away at owners profits.

The main problem lies in how the salary cap is figured out. In the old days the NFL used designated gross revenue, which means certain things would go to figure the cap like money from television deals and ticket sales.

Now, everything goes to figure the cap, but not all the revenues is shared by the owners. Some revenues are shared, but once the CBA is gone that is never happening again.

The fact of the matter is that owners know that they got taken to the cleaners last time and to them the only way to get it balanced and fair for both sides is to take the players to the cleaners.

If the NFLPA was smart they would accept the owners current proposal, but this is the NFLPA were talking about. That means it will happen when hell freezes over.

In the end, the players got greedy and they are going to pay for it.

Bills better be picking up the telephone


Many Buffalo Bills fans were looking to the NCAA for their next quarterback of the future.

Well Bills fans can forget about that as their quarterback is now in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the National Football League as Eagles head coach Andy Reid announced Tuesday evening that quarterback Michael Vick would be the starting quarterback.  Barring a injury or ineffectiveness by Vick quarterback Kevin Kolb’s career with the Eagles is now done.

That sound that you hear is everyone in Bills nation drooling over the possibility of finally getting a decent quarterback.  Hopefully, general manager Buddy Nix was on the phone with the Eagles asking what their price is for Kolb.  At this point even if it was for two first round draft picks I would make the deal.

According to Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders on WGR 550, Kolb projected to be the 10th ranked quarterback in the NFL this year.  The last time the Bills had a quarterback like that was probably when Jim Kelly. With Bills quarterback Trent Edwards being a huge flop in the first two weeks of the NFL regular season hearing stats like that is enough of a reason to make a trade.

In the end, hopefully the Bills get Kolb before someone else does.

Jets fans are getting what they deserved


New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been outspoken and brash in his comments with the media.

Now, the Jets are getting what they deserved.

Everyone that pays some attention to the National Football League knows that Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested Tuesday morning on charges of driving under the influence as his blood alcohol content was 0.16 percent.

To make matters worst The New York Daily News, via Pro Football Talk, is reporting that defensive end Vernon Gholston and offensive tackle D’Brickshaw Ferguson was in the car with Edwards.  That usually means the pair were more inebriated than Edwards.

The fact of the matter is Ryan has created this culture within the Jets with his mouth.  If he doesn’t start getting his players under control it will cost the Jets dearly later.  Edwards taunting penalty last Sunday against the New England Patriots is a prime example of that.

In the end, the only person that Ryan has to blame is himself.

Protection will get better for Bills


The Buffalo Bills allowed four sacks yesterday and the offensive line looked like a disaster.

However, after looking at the highlights quarterback Trent Edwards was the problem.

The Packers blitzed a lot and that falls on the quarterback to be able to recognize that a blitz is coming and audible to a hot read.  However, that never happened as there were no slants or other short routes, which is the main cause for the sacks.

Thankfully, Bills head coach Chan Gailey has put fans out of their misery already as he has benched Edwards in favor of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The reason being to hopefully give the Bills offense a spark.

At this point the Bills could do no worst as Edwards looks like a freshman college quarterback.  His look on the first sack by Green Bay Packers Clay Mathews says it all as the defense was moving around Edwards had a oh crap look on his face.

In the end, hopefully the Bills play better with Fitzpatrick at the helm.

It’s over for Edwards


It may have taken a game longer than what Buffalo Bills fans already knew, but now is better than never.

That being the era of Trent Edwards as the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is over.

According to Pro Football Talk, Bills head coach Chan Gailey has announced that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will get the start against the New England Patriots this Sunday. That sound was everyone cheering that Edwards has been benched.

Edwards has been a disaster this year and has clearly regressed as he won’t even throw the football when the Bills are down multiple touchdowns.  On top of that he checked down to a six yard pass on the last offensive play for the Bills against the Miami Dolphins in week one and ran out of bounds on the last offensive play on a fourth down this past Sunday.

Edwards has just been an embarrassment and you have to look no further than the fact that wide receiver Lee Evans did not have a single catch yesterday and had only one throw attempted to him.  Every other average quarterback would be trying to get it to his top receiver, especially in garbage time.

In the end, at this point the Bills are better off just out right cutting him and bring back quarterback Levi Brown.

How long will it take?


Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards once again proved how terrible of a quarterback he is against the Green Bay Packers.

That has this journalist wondering how long will it take for Edwards to be bench?

Edwards for a second straight game was just down right terrible as he was 11 for 18 for 102 yards passing and two interceptions.  Even in garbage time when defenses play soft coverage he was still terrible.

It is absolutely amazing that Bills head coach Chan Gailey hasn’t benched him considering that he is playing scared all the time.  Even down 34-7 on  fourth down and 11 from the Packers 42 yard line with 1:19 remaining in the game Edwards just ran out of bounds.

Any other quarterback in that situation would try and to force it down the field to try and end the game on a positive note. However, this is Edwards and the safe play comes first.

In the end, his play is pathetic and if Gailey had any common sense he would bench Edwards starting this week.

Bills miss Posluszny


The Buffalo Bills got dominated by the Green Bay Packers losing 34-7.

There is one thing that you can take away on defense is that the Bills missed middle linebacker Paul Posluszny.

The Bills’ defense just seemed to be out of place all day long as tight end Jermichael Finley caught four passes for 103 yards receiving, and on each catch he was wide open.

In regards to the run defense the Bills did better as they held the Packers to a total of 91 yard rushing with running back John Kuhn leading the way with 36 yards.

In the end, if the Bills are going to have a chance at winning a game at all the defense needs to play much better.

Mitchell may have gotten into some trouble


National Football League players once in a while post a comment on Twitter that will get them in trouble.  For Buffalo Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell that may have happened Saturday.

Mitchell decided to turn things around on Buffalo News sports columnist Jerry Sullivan as Mitchell held a contest where people had to make jokes of Sullivan.

Sullivan is usually negative in his writing and comments on his radio show on WGR 550 of the Bills.  Not to mention the fact that he usually negative in general.

Apparently, some teammates saw his tweet and advised him not to do it as he may get in trouble.  However, Mitchell didn’t care and continued with the contest.

It is pretty smart move as Mitchell doesn’t have to answer to the media at all as he was placed on injured reserve earlier last week.  That means his season is done and he no longer has any commitments to the media.

Should hey get in trouble?  No, we understand in the media that there will be fans and people that don’t like you no matter what you say, and this is just an example of it.

In the end, you know you did something right if people are talking about you.