It is amazing what a good quarterback can do


Many people look at the Indianapolis Colts as a great drafting organization.  While some of that may be true the reality is that most of that belongs to Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning is one of those once in a lifetime types of players his play makes everyone around him better.

For one look at wide receiver Austin Collie.  He may be a solid wide receiver, as he is leading the National Football League in receiving yards, if he were to be on a bad football team he just be another player on a bad team.

However, with the Colts Collie has a chance to become a Pro Bowler.

In the end, if you don’t have a franchise quarterback you have nothing.

News on Georgia Dome is disturbing


According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, via Pro Football Talk, the Atlanta Falcons would like an open air stadium.

Just the mere thought of the Falcons needing a stadium is disturbing.

The Georgia Dome opened up in 1992, which means it has surpased the half way point where a stadium would need some upgrading, which is a little over 30 years.

That means the whole idea of the Georgia Dome needing renovations or replacement is just assinine.

The only reason that Falcons owner Arthur Blank would want a new stadium is to keep up with the likes of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

This is one of the reasons why teams like the Buffalo Bills and other small market National Football League struggle to make a profit.

In the end, if someone doesn’t stand up to the NFL about this new stadium situations will only get worst.