Gailey made the right move


Some are questioning whether Monday’s release of quarterback Trent Edwards by the Buffalo Bills was the smart thing to do.

Considering his first two games Bills head coach Chan Gailey made the right move.

Edwards has become so scared of messing up he wouldn’t even throw the football during garbage time.

Edwards is lucky that several teams have put waiver claims thinking they can salvage something out of him.

However, his problem is mental as his high school quarterback coach Charlie Wedemeyer health diminishes each day with his kidneys having failed memories of his near death experience have cropped back up to the forefront of his mind.

Wedemeyer’s kidney’s failed prior to the 2008 season, which one could surely claim the concussion in the Bills game against the Arizona Cardinals that year and his three interception performance against the Cleveland Browns following the game against the San Diego Chargers, has created a mess of a quarterback.

In the end, Gailey simply put Edwards out of his misery.

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