Bills make me sick at times


Buffalo Bills fans are desperate for a winner after not making the playoff for over a decade.

With the Bills keeping the game close against the New England Patriots that has prompted some comments that make me sick.

A lot of fans are hopeful that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will change things around for the Bills offense this season. The fact of the matter this is a terrible football game that played against a mediocre defense.

People are forgetting that this is the fourteenth straight loss to the Patriots. When the Miami Dolphins rattled off 20 straight against wins in the 1970s they became hated.

I am sick and tired of the losing. I don’t care about how many points the offense scored. Nor, do I care about Fitzpatrick stats.

What I care about is wins and the only way to do that is emphasize what they did wrong.

Even the head coach screwed up as he should of went for it on fourth down near the end of the first half.

In the end as they saying goes winning isn’t everything it is the only thing that matters.

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