It’s as bad as it gets


The Buffalo Bills have hit rock bottom as they are winless and appear not able to win a game at all.

Simply, it is as bad it gets.

For the first time as far as I can remember this is the earliest that I have been routing for the Bills to lose.

Usually, it is after the half way point when they are out of it, but let’s face it they already are.

They are clearly in need of a new quarterback as Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t cut it. Unless quarterback Brian Brohm pans out.

In the end, hopefully starting Fitzpatrick doesn’t ruin things for us.

All but one able to play


Last year the Buffalo Bills were decimated by injuries.

However that isn’t the case this year.

According to Bills head coach Chan Gailey the only person that won’t play Sunday is middle linebacker Paul Pozluszny. Everyone else is healthy.

That is a stark change from a year ago when the Bills had over 20 players on the injured reserve list.

Fans can attribute that to the change in the strength and conditioning coaches and a tougher strength and conditioning program.

In the end, the Bills should only see a few more players land on IR if any.