How much will Faulk injury hurt?


New Englad Patriots running back Kevin Faulk has been an integral part of the team on third downs.

With Faulk out for the year with a torn anterior cruciate ligament the question now is how much will it affect the Patriots offense?

Faulk has been a reliable target on third downs for years, but now Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have to look for someone else.
That could be costly as one bad play will kill a drive that could have eventually scored points. Faulk has a reputation for getting the Patriots a first down when needed.

In the end, unless the defense starts to stepup a little the Patriots could miss the playoffs.

Smith doesn’t get it


National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith appeared on WGR 550 Wednesday.

After listening to Smith’s interview it is clear he doesn’t get it.

Obviously, Smith is trying to sway the fans of the National Football League to their side. Unfortunately, fans aren’t buying it as it has no real direct impact on them. If anything keeping the status quo would make them reach deeper into their pockets.

Smith justified the correlation between fans and players due to the fact that some fans are employed in positions like within the concession stand.

The fact is people want to be able to spend less money and the only real way to do that is owners reducing prices. That will never happen if the current collective bargaining agreement stays in place as it is proven to eat away at owners profits.

The main problem lies in how the salary cap is figured out. In the old days the NFL used designated gross revenue, which means certain things would go to figure the cap like money from television deals and ticket sales.

Now, everything goes to figure the cap, but not all the revenues is shared by the owners. Some revenues are shared, but once the CBA is gone that is never happening again.

The fact of the matter is that owners know that they got taken to the cleaners last time and to them the only way to get it balanced and fair for both sides is to take the players to the cleaners.

If the NFLPA was smart they would accept the owners current proposal, but this is the NFLPA were talking about. That means it will happen when hell freezes over.

In the end, the players got greedy and they are going to pay for it.