Bills better be picking up the telephone


Many Buffalo Bills fans were looking to the NCAA for their next quarterback of the future.

Well Bills fans can forget about that as their quarterback is now in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the National Football League as Eagles head coach Andy Reid announced Tuesday evening that quarterback Michael Vick would be the starting quarterback.  Barring a injury or ineffectiveness by Vick quarterback Kevin Kolb’s career with the Eagles is now done.

That sound that you hear is everyone in Bills nation drooling over the possibility of finally getting a decent quarterback.  Hopefully, general manager Buddy Nix was on the phone with the Eagles asking what their price is for Kolb.  At this point even if it was for two first round draft picks I would make the deal.

According to Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders on WGR 550, Kolb projected to be the 10th ranked quarterback in the NFL this year.  The last time the Bills had a quarterback like that was probably when Jim Kelly. With Bills quarterback Trent Edwards being a huge flop in the first two weeks of the NFL regular season hearing stats like that is enough of a reason to make a trade.

In the end, hopefully the Bills get Kolb before someone else does.

Jets fans are getting what they deserved


New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been outspoken and brash in his comments with the media.

Now, the Jets are getting what they deserved.

Everyone that pays some attention to the National Football League knows that Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested Tuesday morning on charges of driving under the influence as his blood alcohol content was 0.16 percent.

To make matters worst The New York Daily News, via Pro Football Talk, is reporting that defensive end Vernon Gholston and offensive tackle D’Brickshaw Ferguson was in the car with Edwards.  That usually means the pair were more inebriated than Edwards.

The fact of the matter is Ryan has created this culture within the Jets with his mouth.  If he doesn’t start getting his players under control it will cost the Jets dearly later.  Edwards taunting penalty last Sunday against the New England Patriots is a prime example of that.

In the end, the only person that Ryan has to blame is himself.