Protection will get better for Bills


The Buffalo Bills allowed four sacks yesterday and the offensive line looked like a disaster.

However, after looking at the highlights quarterback Trent Edwards was the problem.

The Packers blitzed a lot and that falls on the quarterback to be able to recognize that a blitz is coming and audible to a hot read.  However, that never happened as there were no slants or other short routes, which is the main cause for the sacks.

Thankfully, Bills head coach Chan Gailey has put fans out of their misery already as he has benched Edwards in favor of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The reason being to hopefully give the Bills offense a spark.

At this point the Bills could do no worst as Edwards looks like a freshman college quarterback.  His look on the first sack by Green Bay Packers Clay Mathews says it all as the defense was moving around Edwards had a oh crap look on his face.

In the end, hopefully the Bills play better with Fitzpatrick at the helm.

It’s over for Edwards


It may have taken a game longer than what Buffalo Bills fans already knew, but now is better than never.

That being the era of Trent Edwards as the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is over.

According to Pro Football Talk, Bills head coach Chan Gailey has announced that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will get the start against the New England Patriots this Sunday. That sound was everyone cheering that Edwards has been benched.

Edwards has been a disaster this year and has clearly regressed as he won’t even throw the football when the Bills are down multiple touchdowns.  On top of that he checked down to a six yard pass on the last offensive play for the Bills against the Miami Dolphins in week one and ran out of bounds on the last offensive play on a fourth down this past Sunday.

Edwards has just been an embarrassment and you have to look no further than the fact that wide receiver Lee Evans did not have a single catch yesterday and had only one throw attempted to him.  Every other average quarterback would be trying to get it to his top receiver, especially in garbage time.

In the end, at this point the Bills are better off just out right cutting him and bring back quarterback Levi Brown.