How long will it take?


Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards once again proved how terrible of a quarterback he is against the Green Bay Packers.

That has this journalist wondering how long will it take for Edwards to be bench?

Edwards for a second straight game was just down right terrible as he was 11 for 18 for 102 yards passing and two interceptions.  Even in garbage time when defenses play soft coverage he was still terrible.

It is absolutely amazing that Bills head coach Chan Gailey hasn’t benched him considering that he is playing scared all the time.  Even down 34-7 on  fourth down and 11 from the Packers 42 yard line with 1:19 remaining in the game Edwards just ran out of bounds.

Any other quarterback in that situation would try and to force it down the field to try and end the game on a positive note. However, this is Edwards and the safe play comes first.

In the end, his play is pathetic and if Gailey had any common sense he would bench Edwards starting this week.

Bills miss Posluszny


The Buffalo Bills got dominated by the Green Bay Packers losing 34-7.

There is one thing that you can take away on defense is that the Bills missed middle linebacker Paul Posluszny.

The Bills’ defense just seemed to be out of place all day long as tight end Jermichael Finley caught four passes for 103 yards receiving, and on each catch he was wide open.

In regards to the run defense the Bills did better as they held the Packers to a total of 91 yard rushing with running back John Kuhn leading the way with 36 yards.

In the end, if the Bills are going to have a chance at winning a game at all the defense needs to play much better.