Mitchell may have gotten into some trouble


National Football League players once in a while post a comment on Twitter that will get them in trouble.  For Buffalo Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell that may have happened Saturday.

Mitchell decided to turn things around on Buffalo News sports columnist Jerry Sullivan as Mitchell held a contest where people had to make jokes of Sullivan.

Sullivan is usually negative in his writing and comments on his radio show on WGR 550 of the Bills.  Not to mention the fact that he usually negative in general.

Apparently, some teammates saw his tweet and advised him not to do it as he may get in trouble.  However, Mitchell didn’t care and continued with the contest.

It is pretty smart move as Mitchell doesn’t have to answer to the media at all as he was placed on injured reserve earlier last week.  That means his season is done and he no longer has any commitments to the media.

Should hey get in trouble?  No, we understand in the media that there will be fans and people that don’t like you no matter what you say, and this is just an example of it.

In the end, you know you did something right if people are talking about you.